10:38 am EDT, September 30, 2015

Chris Evans, Ian Somerhalder urge students to fight climate change with Know Tomorrow

On October 2, students across America will come together to demand climate change action. Chris Evans and Ian Somerhalder are among the celebrities urging you to join the cause.

Know Tomorrow, the Climate Reality Project, is hosting a massive event on October 2, on campuses across America. Students are encouraged to come together and show their support for Planet Earth, in anticipation of this December’s UN Climate Change Conference in Paris.

The Day of Action is a chance for students to learn more about the effects of climate change, and to involve themselves in the fight to preserve our planet.

“We know climate change is one of the greatest challenges the planet’s ever faced. We know our generation didn’t cause it, but we know we’ve got to solve it. This December world leaders will meet in Paris to decide the future of our planet. That’s why students across America are coming together to demand climate action on October 2nd,” reads Know Tomorrow’s mission statement.

But perhaps we should let Captain America and Damon Salvatore, aka. Chris Evans and Ian Somerhalder, convince you:

Somerhalder calls this no less than, “One of the most important campaigns you will ever join in your life,” stressing that the time for action is now. “So, millennials: Stand up. Demand action.”

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Evans reiterates that, “this is a now-thing,” and if we’re going to have any hope of saving the planet for future generations, “it requires us to stand up and care.”

To find out if your college campus is involved with Know Tomorrow’s Day of Action, visit their official website. To add your voice to their cause, sign up with Facebook or via email.

As they (probably) say… if you don’t Know Tomorrow, there will be no tomorrow.

No, but seriously. We’re dying. The world is doomed. Let’s see #millennials take a stand!

Will you be joining Know Tomorrow’s Day of Action?

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