Why a ‘Charmed’ reboot couldn’t work, but a ‘Charmed’ movie would

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1:00 pm EDT, October 28, 2013

Dear CBS,

We know Hollywood can be a tough gig, and the risk of being original can seem less appealing than the idea of ‘let’s milk an idea that’s already popular until it’s run dry.’

However as a passionate Charmed fan, I feel you’re making a mistake with the idea of Charmed reboot (revealed on Friday), and here’s why…

We don’t need a reboot

In the words of Rose McGowan, “lame, lame, lame lamertons!” While the idea of more Charmed, anymore Charmed, does make me excited, I think we all know that it is simply too soon for a remake.

The show only ended in 2006, and the later seasons haven’t aged and still appear very modern. The actresses, while older, still don’t look that much older than when they were on the show.

A reboot would make sense in another 15-20 years, or an original movie could even be made as was done with Charlie’s Angels or Bewitched. But Charmed feels like it only ended yesterday.

Fans are still too attached to the original actresses of the show, and while they may tune in out of curiosity, ultimately there is not enough distance between the original ending and this reboot beginning. It will be too difficult to make them separate the two and appreciate the reboot as its own series.

It’s like reading a book then seeing the film adaptation straight away. You can’t help but compare the two when there’s not enough time distance between them.

Furthermore, with repeats of the original series on sometimes twice a day in many countries, why would people want to tune into a reboot over the original which is less than 10 years old?

Conclusion: Fans won’t accept it, and new viewers won’t see the point between tuning into the reboot when the original still hasn’t aged.

Why a Next Generation show wouldn’t work

A lot of fans are discussing the possibility of a “next generation” show, focusing on the children of the Charmed Ones, namely Chris and Wyatt who we got to see develop as characters on the show.

If CBS wants to do a new show based on Charmed, why not a Next Gen show rather than a reboot?

This idea is appealing and fans would like to see it, but unfortunately it wouldn’t work. Why? Because we’re dealing with live action television, meaning we have to deal with real people.

The series finale of Charmed gave us a glimpse of the Charmed Ones’ future, which was a practically demon-free life where they could raise their children and families in peace. By the time the Underworld was ready to start attacking witches again, the next generation was ready to take over.

This means that the Charmed Ones are alive and happy while their kids are in their 20s, meaning for a Next Generation show to make sense we would need the original cast back, including Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Rose McGowan and all of their love interests.

With Alyssa attached to Mistresses, Holly on Pretty Little Liars and Rose stating she won’t sign a five season TV contract again, trying to get the whole original cast back would be a logistical nightmare and one that probably just wouldn’t work from either reluctance from the actors or inability on them to take part.

Unless we are happy to see new actors and actresses take on the roles of Phoebe, Piper, Paige, Leo and even Chris or Wyatt? Yeah… I didn’t think so!

Conclusion: Leave the Next Gen story to comic books, where we don’t need to deal with real people!

Here’s a better idea: A ‘Charmed’ movie

If CBS really wants to cash in on the popularity of Charmed while still providing the fans with something that they want, then a Charmed movie in my opinion would be the best option.

In a potential movie there’s only one logical way to go, and that’s tackling the only storyline they never did: Bring back all four sisters.

The only story Charmed never fulfilled was bringing back Prue, so she could meet Paige and reunite with her sisters.

A two or three hour television movie would suffice. It would also be cheaper to make and be faster to film.

A shorter filming schedule would make it easier to get all four actresses and the supporting cast back to film together for a few months.

While I’m sure Shannon Doherty and Alyssa Milano have no intention of being in the same room again, I have faith they are both mature enough and enough time has past since Shannon’s departure for them to handle filming together for a month or two, rather than spending years together on a television series.

Conclusion: A movie gives the opportunity to present a storyline that no true Charmed fan would miss, is low risk because of Charmed’s popularity. If it’s a television movie, not a huge financial risk.

So CBS, the Power of Three is in your hands, it’s up to you what you do with it, but remember there is no Charmed without the Charmed fans.

MidNightPatronus is a PR professional with a journalism background and quite possibly the biggest Charmed fan you will ever meet.

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