5:15 pm EDT, March 13, 2019

Charmander Funko Pop! Vinyl joins Pikachu and Bulbasaur

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With a Charmander Funko confirmed, how much longer until we complete the Starter Pokémon lineup with Squirtle?

The Charmander Funko is equal parts cute and creepy, as was the Pikachu Funko. While all of the details of the pocket monster, such as the flaming tail, sharpened claws, and tiny teeth are all present, there’s still something that feels a little bit… off about these Pokémon Funko.

charmander funko

Perhaps it has something to do with the Charmander Funko’s eyes? They look dead and soulless, which is something that most Funkos are usually able to get around by adding features like furrowed brows, or even eyebrows at all. Without a defined expression, the Charmander Funko looks like he wants nothing to do with being a Funko, or doesn’t know he even is one.

bulbasaur funko

The Pokémon Funko will pair well with both Pikachu and Bulbasaur’s figures. The Grass-Type Starter Funko releases on April 15, 2019, and is available for pre-order at sites like Barnes & Noble. Pikachu was announced as being a Target exclusive, and is now a bit hard to find, if you’re not willing to pay a more premium price on eBay (inflated well over 200% of the original retail price).

The Charmander Funko releases this May, and if the Squirtle Funko is in the works, it’ll likely follow sometime later this summer.

Another Starter that may become a Funko is Eevee. Eevee was Blue’s starter in Pokémon Yellow and was recently featured as a title character in the Nintendo Switch Pokémon Let’s Go, Eevee! video game. Depending on the success of the Charmander Funko, we can see them making a full set of all five Generation 1 Pokémon starters in Funko form.

Will you be pre-ordering a Charmander Funko? Do you want a Squirtle or Eevee Funko as well?

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