6:30 pm EST, March 5, 2016

CBS developing ‘Charmed’ reboot (Update: Alyssa Milano speaks)

If you grew up watching the three Halliwell sisters battle demons on the WB, here’s some interesting news for you – Charmed is being rebooted, this time on CBS.

Update (March 5, 2016): Alyssa Milano has officially spoken out about the possibilities of a reunion to Entertainment Tonight, saying everyone is up for coming back for it.

“It seems like that’s going to happen any second. I just feel like with all these reunions, and we still have such a cult following, that I feel like someone’s going to put that together at some point,” she said, “and we’re all totally on board for that!”

But with that said, she took to Twitter to re-align our expectations:

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With the cast all willing to come back for a reunion, we think it’s a better idea than the completely fresh reboot that CBS is planning. However, no new updates have come from CBS so everything is still up in the air about both a reboot or reunion.

Original story (October 25, 2013): According to Variety, CBS is in the early script-writing stages of developing the Charmed reboot, with Party of Five co-creator Chris Keyser and Sydney Sidner co-writing the show. The two will also be the executive producers.

This Charmed reboot is being described as a “re-imagining of the original series centered around four sisters who discover their destiny – to battle against the forces of evil using their witchcraft.”

We’re wondering what the similarities and differences will be between the original Charmed series and the reboot. Originally, Charmed focused on three sisters, not four, who discovered they were witches in their early 20s. The fourth witch, a half-sister, joined the family after one of the witches died in the third season.

So much is left unknown, and that’s to be expected when the series is only in the script development phase. We’re sure fans of the original Charmed series will be wondering what they’ll be taking on in the reboot and what elements will be left behind. Will there be a cop to aid the sisters when they need to cover their tracks? Will there be orbing and White Lighters and Dark Lighters?

Part of the magic of Charmed was that it was a completely original take on witchcraft-based television. The show brought us really fun story lines along with tragic plot twists and dark demons.

Back in the day when the WB (now the CW) was in its prime, Charmed aired before Supernatural, and now it seems that Supernatural has taken over the spotlight. We wonder why the CW didn’t take the opportunity to reboot their own hit show from the past, but we’re excited to see what CBS can do with it.

What do you think of a ‘Charmed’ reboot?

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