We’re learning more today about The Hunger Games: Catching Fire DVD and Blu-ray which is expected to hit store shelves in early March.

The British Board of Film Classification has had a look through the Catching Fire DVD and Blu-ray to rate its various features, and as usual they’ve posted details about what’s included on the home entertainment release.

For example, there are five Catching Fire deleted scenes that total 4 1/2 minutes. They are:
1) “The Hob Scene 8” (21 seconds)
2) “Train Station Scene 62” (23 seconds)
3) “A Wrinkle Scene 81” (1 minute, 42 seconds)
4) “Switching Envelopes Scene 84” (1 minute, 4 seconds)
5) “Finnick Ties The Knot Scene 119” (56 seconds)

All of these deleted scenes take place before the 75th annual Hunger Games begin. Perhaps the most noteworthy scene that was shot, but scrapped, was the one in which Finnick and Katniss interact at the knot tying station during training. This scene could be the one depicted in the photo above. This still was released in January 2013 but never appeared in the movie.

Thanks to the BBFC, we also now know the names of several special features which are a part of the included documentary:

1) “A New Kind of Hunger – Continuing the Saga” (10 minutes, 58 seconds)
2) “Visual Vocabulary: Building a World” (12 minutes, 52 seconds)
3) “Stirring Things Up: The Cast” (17 minutes, 52 seconds)
4) “Fashion Forward: Make-Up” (16 minutes, 34 seconds)
5) “Let It Fly: Production In Atlanta” (15 minutes, 9 seconds)
6) “Moves and Countermoves: Stunts & Weapons” (19 minutes, 43 seconds)
7) “Tick Tick: Production In Hawaii” (14 minutes, 26 seconds)
8) “Threading The Needle: Post-Production” (27 minutes, 31 seconds)
9) “The Revolution Lives: Reflections & Looking Forward” (9 minutes, 6 seconds)

Other expected special features include a sneak peek at Divergent and filmmaker commentary. Again, Catching Fire should hit DVD and Blu-ray in early March.

Meanwhile, fans are looking forward to seeing Mockingjay, Part 1 in theaters this November.

Thanks, HG Girl on Fire.

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