Castle season 6 episode 2, “Dreamworld,” airs tonight on ABC. Check out a spoiler-free preview to learn about tonight’s storyline, and learn how you can watch Castle online.

Castle season 6, episode 2 “Dreamworld” picks up right where episode 1 left off. Rick has been exposed to a deadly chemical and only has 24 hours to live. Kate and her new FBI team begin to search for the antidote that was stolen at the same time the toxin was taken.

The teaser “Antidote” gives an explanation of just how much trouble Rick is in.

From the looks of things Rick is in serious trouble, but let’s face it – Rick isn’t going to die. The question is how will this threat to Rick’s life affect his and Kate’s relationship? Will Kate stay in DC or return to her team in NYC? Only time will tell.

This is about the umpteenth time that Castle has faced almost certain death in the series, so we’re positive that he’ll get through this with no lasting effects, at least physically. What we’re more interested in is seeing if this will propel the couple to marry early, like we’ve seen numerous couples on TV do when one of them is facing certain death, or if this will simply make Kate realize that her home is in NYC.

Watch ‘Castle’ Online

You can catch brand new episodes of Castle online at ABC’s website, or through the streaming provider Hulu on their website the day after.

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