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‘Castle’ season 6, episode 10 ‘The Good, the Bad & the Baby’ recap: Baby on board

Our Castle season 6, episode 10, “The Good, the Bad & the Baby,” recap looks at Rick and Kate getting baby fever. This episode is much lighter than last week’s, and it again takes a look at the future of Caskett.

The opening sequence features Kate and Rick discussing Thanksgiving. Rick tells Kate that they all wear costumes for Thanksgiving. Kate is less than enthusiastic about the idea but before they could discuss further, Kate gets a phone call for a murder.

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At the scene, they not only find a body but a baby. The baby is not the victim’s and there seems to be no connection between the baby and the victim. Rick takes lead on caring for the baby as they try to figure out who the baby belongs to. Rick brings back “just the essentials” including a turkey onesie because his “family dresses up for Thanksgiving.” Kate is slightly frightened by Rick’s baby knowledge.

Ryan, being an expecting dad, asks to hold the baby. The baby cries in Ryan’s arms, and he decides that maybe he isn’t ready to be a dad. While the others are focused on the baby, Esposito discovers the victim, Cameron, was involved in a robbery. He was the getaway driver who left his partner to get caught.

Lanie makes a special visit to the precinct to check on the baby as she tells Kate and Rick about some evidence related to the murder. Meanwhile, Ryan and Esposito set out to look for the man who worked with Cameron. Ryan decides to buy a lottery ticket while they are looking for the suspect. Esposito sees the suspect and chases him while Ryan is in the store.

Back at the precinct, Kate interviews the suspect who adamantly denies having anything to do with Cameron’s murder. His alibi checks out, and they are back to square one. Children’s services arrives to take Cosmo, but Rick is not comfortable letting him go. Kate admits that she is not a baby person which Rick has trouble comprehending. She does admit that she will be one when it is their baby!

Ryan and Esposito discover that Cameron had been running with a criminal element again. He has been practicing the escape routes. Using video footage Cameron and his partners are caught on video, but it is unclear what they stole and from where. There is also no sign of where Cosmo came from.

Ryan is very worried about becoming a father, and Esposito explains that no one is ready, but he’ll learn on the streets just like he did as a cop. Ryan and Esposito discover where the criminals were hiding out and where Cameron was shot. The hide out was also where Cosmo was kept.

Rick, the self proclaimed baby whisperer, offers to take Cosmo home until they can find his parents or a more permanent place for him. Kate is not in agreement, but there is no stopping Rick. This is the first time we’ve seen Kate on the verge of panic over something as basic as a baby.

Kate and Rick’s scenes taking care of the baby were the most comical and sweet scenes of the episode. Kate started to clearly come around on her baby stance. Cosmo was not as cooperative and kept the couple up most of the evening.

The crime scene was scrubbed clean, but the blood left on the wall is from a person related to Cosmo. Kate realizes if the apartment was scrubbed clean that the garbage had to go somewhere. This leads to some serious dumpster diving where unfortunately nothing really helps them.

Just as Rick is thinking that they are missing something big, Ryan gathers everyone around the TV for the lottery drawing. Rick realizes that all the random items they found in the dumpster were used to rig the lottery.

When Kate and Rick go to the studio to investigate the lottery, they discover it is almost impossible to cheat. The only person who could pick the balls used were the on air host. She is the mother of Cosmo a.k.a Eddie. The criminals kidnapped her husband and son in order to get her to cooperate.

Kate discovers that Cameron’s boss was involved in the crime as well as the security guard at the studio. Kate and the others arrive just in time to save the husband.

Rick and Kate are setting up for Thanksgiving dinner, and Kate comes out wearing her Pocahontas costume. Interestingly, no one else is wearing a costume. Rick confesses that he was joking about the costumes, and Kate said she wasn’t sure so she got him a costume to wear as well. Kate definitely gets one up on Rick in this situation.

Your ‘Castle’ recap: Who is ready to see Kate and Rick with a baby of their own?

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