Castle episode 5×07 “Swan Song” sees Castle, Beckett and the gang caught in the middle of a rockumentary which switches its focus to them when the lead singer is murdered.

There are four new previews available for “Swan Song.” In the first one we see Castle and Beckett theorizing about the victim who was acting erratically at a bank. It also show us just how much of a camera hound Castle is.

In the second clip we Castle, Beckett, Esposito, and Ryan receive some unusual information about the victim – he hasn’t received all of his vaccines. We also see Laine loving the cameras almost as much as Castle.

In the third clip Ryan has discovered that their victim has no medical records, but at the age of 17, he was in a car accident in Ithaca. It is also discovered that the victim grew up in a cult, which explains some of his lack in vaccines. The cult practices strict obedience, and everyone has the tattoo on their arms. The cult leader is a total creeper and quite possibly the murderer, but can it really be that easy?

Beckett faces off with Campbell, the cult leader, who was meditating in his hotel room alone on the night of the murder. He also explains the reason he had $25k on him was because the victim had donated it to the church. He also claims that he didn’t know the victim was even in town, but Beckett being Beckett keeps pushing Campbell until some of that violent past comes out. Did he kill the victim or is it just a coincidence that the victim was in a cult and just gave $25k?

Castle episode 5×07 “Swan Song” airs Monday November 12, and on November 14 Caskett faces off against Delena (Damon/Elena from The Vampire Diaries) in our BattleShip throwdown. Be sure to vote here on Hypable for your favorite ship and help Caskett take home the victory.

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