1:25 pm EDT, February 9, 2019

Check out the new ‘Captain Marvel’ website for ultimate 90s nostalgia

The new Captain Marvel official website is all that and a bag of chips!

In keeping with the Marvel movie’s 90s setting, the Captain Marvel website went back to basics. Check it out if you feel like a quick trip in the time machine! You’ll forget all about the sleek designs and minimalist concepts of today’s internet when you get a look at this beauty. There’s a lot happening, and it’s all nostalgic and amazing.

The chunky, underlined, Comic Sans MS buttons. The colorful HTML background that changes as you scroll down the page. The animated Word Art graphics. The rotating @ e-mail sign! The hit counter!! This is a super fun and thematic way for Marvel to promote this movie.

On a more functional note, the website gives some information about the upcoming movie, has a link to the trailer and a link to buy tickets, but all movie websites have that! The highlights of the Captain Marvel website include the fun graphics, especially the Skrull woman from the trailers popping up on the edges, a guestbook populated with comments from 90s visitors, and an interactive game of “Skrull or Human.” Apparently I’m not cut out to be Captain Marvel, because I did terribly at the game.

Captain Marvel will hit theatres on March 8. Get your tickets now (but we understand if you’d rather click the link on the hella cool Captain Marvel website)!

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