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Ranking Captain America’s uniforms from worst to best

While he truly looks good in everything he wears, some of Captain America’s uniforms are certainly more flattering than others.

Seeing as Captain America gets yet another uniform in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we thought it would be a good time to evaluate his previous get-ups and rank them. That, and we hoped that our rankings would help point out how ridiculous it is that Captain America has had six separate uniforms so far, five in the first two movies alone. Just saying.

Anyway, here are our thoughts on all of Captain America’s uniforms (practical and otherwise) from least to most visually appealing. Our rankings should be taken with a grain of salt, of course, because Captain America looks good in pretty much everything.

6. Captain America: The Star-Spangled Man

Captain America USO show

This outfit is just a complete miss. Granted, it’s not really a uniform for combat so it technically doesn’t count. But if this uniform was specifically created for entertainment purposes, you would think that the designers would make something that would actually flatter Steve Rogers’ body. After all, he’s just as attractive as the dancing ladies around him and they all were given sparkly dresses to wear. Just sayin’. This wasn’t Cap’s best look. Not by a long shot.

5. Steve Rogers in military uniform

Captain America military uniform

Who could resist a man in military uniform? Sure, it’s not practical for battle, but it’s still a good-looking uniform. While Cap looks best in the stars and stripes, he certainly does look great in military-issue stripes and hues. But, we prefer when he wears uniforms that compliment his natural features, like those blue eyes of his. The uniform looks crisp and flattering with Steve Rogers’ body shape, but it’s just not quite right. We wouldn’t say that this outfit is a miss, but it’s not quite a hit either.

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4. Secret rescue mission/motorcycle outfit

Captain America mission

Captain America can really pull off the rugged biker-soldier look. Even with that bowl of a helmet. Our personal favorite part of this outfit is the bit of his starred shirt peeking out from underneath his weathered leather jacket. The layered look really seems to work well for him. Our only real complaint with this wardrobe, besides its lack of patriotic colors, is that it merely hangs on Captain America’s frame instead of accentuating his strength and build. The leather jacket is the only part of the outfit that gives off a threatening vibe.

3. ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ dark blue uniform

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Being Steve Rogers’ first Captain America uniform that doesn’t have a single thread of red in it, we are bigger fans of it than we would have thought we’d be. The uniform’s angles and dark, rich color really make Cap look like he means business. The seams and padding are in all the right places, accentuating the build of his body. It’s simple, yet effective. However, this get-up from Captain America: The Winter Soldier is not our all-time favorite look for Cap just because it is missing a bit of flair and individuality. While it’s an impressive uniform, it looks like it could be worn by anyone. But, who knows, maybe the movie itself will change our minds.

2. ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ classic patriotic uniform

Captain America First Avenger

This uniform is a definite hit. It’s sort of like a cross between numbers three and four on this list (even though it precedes number three) in that it has stars and stripes on it but also looks like a uniform to be worn to battle. The lines emphasize Steve Rogers’ newly formed muscles while also making him look approachable. The only thing we don’t like about this uniform is the fact that it looks a bit bulky, almost to the point of inhibiting some of Cap’s movements. It just looks like the armor that you can tell that is in the suit isn’t going to help Captain America move in all of the ways that he needs to while fighting. Other than that, we’re definite fans of this uniform.

1. ‘Avengers’ old-fashioned uniform

Captain America Avengers

This suit really hits it out of the ballpark for us. It has everything we like about Captain America uniforms and nothing that we don’t. We love the bright colors of the uniform and how it’s more old-fashioned than modern. After all, “With everything that’s happening, the things that are about to come to light, people might just need a little old-fashioned.” The style of the suit is sleek and aerodynamic, yet we can still tell that Cap is protected underneath. If we had a say in the costuming of Captain America, we’d definitely dress him in this uniform all the time. It’s by far our favorite.

Which Captain America uniform is your favorite?

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