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Seventeen reasons why Captain America is the master of sass

Captain America has truly mastered the art of sass. As an ode to his genius, we’ve come up with a list of all of our favorite sassy Captain America moments from Captain America: The First Avenger on.

While Bruce Banner may be known for his Hulk Smash, Steve Rogers is most definitely known for his super sass. No matter what, it seems like Captain America always has the perfect comeback or sassy remark for every situation possible.

Alien invasions, annoying S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, women… Alright, so maybe Steve Rogers isn’t the best when it comes to talking to women and countering their sass, but he’s pretty much a master of sass in every other category. It’s his straight-faced comments (and even naive observations) that make us laugh uncontrollably.

In celebration of getting yet another movie with him, here are all of our favorite sassy Captain America moments and lines. As the king of the sass masters, he truly has an answer for everything. We could all really learn a lot from him.

Captain America isn’t content with achieving his goals…

Wearing tights
Via hannaheverflame.tumblr.com

…And never hesitates to let people know where he’s from.

Just a kid from Brooklyn
Via fuckyeahcevans.tumblr.com

He has a firm stand on bullies…

I don't like bullies
Via wrench-wench.tumblr.com

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…And proves over and over again that he can stand up to them.

Freedom and Fear
Freedom and Fear
Via daily-asgardian-news.tumblr.com

He argues for his religion, even when he has a friend (and an enemy) that kind of disprove it.

There's only one God, ma'am
Via rebloggy.com

Captain America is the king of the subtle brag.

Knocked out Hitler
Via fuckyeahcevans.tumblr.com

He makes fun of his own lack of pop culture knowledge…

Understood that reference
Via gif-jif.tumblr.com

…On a regular basis.

Seems to run on some form of electricity
Via hannibalmorelikecannibal.tumblr.com

He can even be sassy when he’s oblivious.

Via sanityscraps.tumblr.com


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