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Revivals for everyone: 6 cancelled shows Netflix should pick up

Netflix has been churning out its own original shows lately, but maybe it’s time for the streaming service to return to its role as savior and pick up some of our favorite cancelled shows.

Before Netflix started gifting us with glorious originals like Stranger Things and Glow, it was where fans turned for hope when their beloved shows were cancelled. In recent years, Netflix hasn’t been the savior fans have hoped for. It notably picked up Black Mirror in 2015, but its acquisitions have been few and far between since then.

Still, if anyone can give fandom hope for more episodes of their favorite cancelled shows, it’s Netflix. Here are six recently cancelled shows we think Netflix should give second chance.


pitch ginny baker

Why we need more:
Pitch put a strong woman of color at the center of her own story. Though there were important supporting characters, this was clearly Ginny’s journey. The show was on our screens when CBS had to defend its all male, mostly white line-up. TV always needs more woman, particularly woman of color, represented.

The end of season 1 left us wondering about Ginny’s career. Her agent left on a plane. Her captain was on the outs with the team. In the final moments of the last episode, Ginny hurt her arm in what was supposed to be her last game of the season. We need another season to answer all our questions and give us more of Ginny’s story.

Why it would work on Netflix:
With the Chicago Cubs still fresh off their World Series win, what better time to give viewers more baseball drama? While Fox couldn’t give Pitch a spring home where it could capitalize on the excitement of the baseball season, Netflix could. Netflix isn’t tied to the traditional TV season and could give Pitch the nurturing home it deserves.

‘Agent Carter’

Agent Carter

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Why we need more:
Though Agent Carter has been off our TV screens for longer than most of other shows listed here, fans have still not stopped hoping for more. The story played an important part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it was Agent Carter herself that made the show so important to fans. With so few leading ladies in the MCU, Peggy gave us one more woman to root for and relate to.

We need another season to keep her around for that reason alone. Besides Peggy Carter, we just need Hayley Atwell back on our screens. With Conviction cancelled as well (RIP), now is the time!

Why it would work on Netflix:
Netflix has already proved itself in the Marvel TV show realm. The Defenders premiered this month, and The Punisher is expected to land later this year. Agent Carter would feel right at home with the other Marvel shows Netflix already offers. Their Marvel shows are a bit male heavy, Jessica Jones being the only female-lead one of the bunch, so Agent Carter would inject a little more girl power into the group. That’s never a bad thing.

‘Girl Meets World’

girl meets world

Why we need more:
Girl Meets World wasn’t cancelled because the stories weren’t there. After Disney cancelled the show, creator Michael Jacobs revealed what he wanted to share with fans in season 4. He mentioned that these character’s relationships were at the center of the story, that their deep friendship and respect were “the guide in how to meet the world.”

Don’t we need more stories like that? We need another season to see those relationships play out between Riley, Maya, and the rest of the gang. Plus, do we really have to say goodbye to Cory and Topanga again?

Why it would work on Netflix:
With Fuller House, we’ve seen that Netflix can successfully produce a reboot of a ’90s family show. Netflix would also allow the show to grow in ways it couldn’t on the Disney Channel. Netflix would allow the show to embrace the maturity of characters as they grow up, following them through issues real teenagers would encounter when meeting the world.


Sweet/Vicious Jules and Ophelia

Why we need more:
You might be sensing a theme here, but we want more women-led shows that do right by those characters. Sweet/Vicious was all that and more. It had characters we could love and a cause we could believe in. Sweet/Vicious also opened up a dialogue about sexual assault.

With all that’s happening in our world right now, this show touched on something special, something that made viewers feel empowered and gave them hope that others would fight for them too.

The show meant a lot to our writers here at Hypable and to many other fans. Two bad-ass female vigilantes fighting against abuse. Doesn’t that sound like something we all could use a little more of?

Why it would work on Netflix:
Like we’ve established, Netflix is no stranger to superhero shows. The ladies of Sweet/Vicious aren’t your typical superheroes, but neither is Jessica Jones and she fits right in on the streaming platform. We’ve written about this before, but Netflix would give a home where Sweet/Vicious could grow creatively and with an audience.

‘The Catch’

the catch, ben and alice

Why we need more:
We’ve written at length about this before on Hypable, too, but we’re not done wishing for a season 3 of The Catch. Though the show had a rocky start, it found its voice and came into its own in season 2. The quirky humor and light-hearted approach to the life of crime gave some much needed levity to TGIT on ABC. It reminded me of the early days of Grey’s Anatomy, bringing on the drama but never forgetting to keep these characters fun.

Not only did the show leave Sophie’s fate a little uncertain, it also tore away our favorite couples as Ben and Margot were swept away from Alice and Danny. We need a season 3 to give Ben and Alice their happily ever after! And, of course, to see Ben take down Rhys.

Why it would work on Netflix:
With Shonda Rhimes moving over to Netflix, what better time to bring one of her shows to the streaming site? The Catch doesn’t feel like anything else Netflix already offers. Though that unique factor might not be a draw for a traditional network, one that boasts both Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and The OA certainly has room for a show to carve out its own space. A romantic comedy about crime lords? Add it to the mix!



Why we need more:
Sense8 left us on a big cliffhanger! We need to know what’s going to happen now that all our favorite characters have gathered into the same city. The writers have said they are working on a season 3, so this feels so close it hurts.

Sense8 was also groundbreaking in terms of diversity — filming with diverse actors in cities around the world. We could always use more of that on our screens.

Why it would work on Netflix:
Despite its cancellation, this show has already worked on Netflix! It’s even getting a two hour season finale. The loud outcry from fans after the show’s cancellation proves they want more of the show. We don’t just want two hours; we want a whole season!

We could go on and on about cancelled shows that we miss or want more of (The Secret Circle, anyone?), but these six are at the top of our list for cancelled shows Netflix should pick up for more seasons. They would feel right at home in our streaming libraries.

Which other cancelled shows should Netflix pick up?

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