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Can Alice be redeemed on ‘Batwoman’ after her recent kill?

Batwoman's Alice is an exceptional villain, but is redemption even possible after her recent kill?

We’re nine episodes into the first season of Batwoman, and one of the biggest questions on all of our minds — and Kate Kane’s mind — is whether or not Alice can be saved from the darkness.

Alice, AKA Beth Kane, is without a doubt my favorite character on Batwoman, though that’s definitely not because she’s a good person or anything like that.

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She’s far more intriguing already, more so than many of the characters in the Arrow-verse because she’s already been introduced with so many layers and such complexity due to the trauma she experienced during her teenage years… I mean, watching your mother die in a car accident and being kidnapped will do that.

Despite the fact she’s my favorite character, Alice is just all-around a very interesting, unique person. She’s unlike anyone else in the Arrow-verse, which is refreshing because we’ve normally seen the same or very, very similar personalities transplanted on various characters (Cisco and Winn, for instance).

But how does her story progress? Can she ever be saved from the darkness? Even nine episodes in, it appears we have an answer.

Batwoman season 1 episode 8

The events of the mid-season finale: ‘Batwoman’ season 1, episode 8

Batwoman season 1, episode 8 created quite the turning point for both Alice and Kate. Alice’s plan to kill Catherine (in such an awful, cruel way) worked, leaving Kate on the outs with both of her sisters, as Mary had a front row seat to her mother’s demise.

Even though Catherine wasn’t Alice’s first kill, it was her worst kill. It was the one that turned Kate away from her, which seemed impossible to do beforehand because Kate was so desperate to get her twin sister back after so many years.

It ruined Mary’s life, and Mary was just an innocent bystander in all of this, unfortunate enough to have come into Alice’s crosshairs. As for Jacob, it’s likely he’ll be on the same page as Kate… After all, she was his wife (and it’s not like Kate even cared about Catherine to begin with).

The relationship between the sisters is what Batwoman season 1 has emphasized thus far as Kate tried again and again to help Alice. In order for that to work, the relationship between Kate and Mary didn’t exist.

As those sisters have grown closer, Kate’s grown less attached to Alice, probably because she realizes she has more than one sister to have a relationship with. Kate doesn’t need Alice anymore; she has Mary, even if they’re currently fighting.

If there’s nobody to try to pull Alice away from the darkness, it’s even more likely she’ll remain the same, channeling her inner villain for episodes (and, hopefully, seasons) to come. But it’s not impossible that she could escape and put herself on a different path.

Batwoman season 1 episode 5 / Alice

Is redemption even a possibility for Alice?

Alice has been changed by her trauma, which was continuous for around/over a decade, so drastically that it’s hard to tell what part of Beth is left inside of her, if any.

And yes, killing Catherine was an awful thing to do, but it was only one of the many deaths at Alice’s hands. Just because it impacted Kate, Jacob, and Mary more doesn’t mean it’s far off from her current standard.

In our interview with Rachel Skarsten, who portrays Alice on Batwoman, she mentioned that she wants fans to see the good in Alice, and that’s how she and the showrunner, Caroline Dries, have decided to proceed with Alice.

They’re purposefully teasing the many layers to Alice, so just because the devious psychopath on the outside is in charge doesn’t mean it will stay like that forever.

Personally, I don’t think Alice can ever be redeemed. We’re only nine episodes in — eight if you don’t count the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” episode — and Alice has already proven herself to be a such a formidable enemy that she’s surpassed almost every villain thus far in the Arrow-verse. She’s ruthless in a way others aren’t (because they aren’t teetering on the edge of insanity as she is).

That said, I do think Alice can attempt to atone for her sins in the future. Like in the comics, there’s a possibility of Alice coming over to a neutral side as an anti-hero: Red Alice. This seems like the best path for her.

Being a thorn in Kate’s side, occasionally, but maintaining this relationship, while Kate has the sister she never knew she needed in Mary. Alice using her skills to help save Gotham instead of tormenting the citizens.

I don’t think killing Catherine was to ensure Alice is, and will always be, a villain. I think it was a starting point for Alice to realize the damage she inflicts upon others who don’t deserve it, like Mary and Kate.

Not to mention that Alice seems much worse with Mouse’s influence on her; in the beginning of the Batwoman season, she was clearly bad, but since he’s arrived after breaking out of Arkham, she’s been like, 100 times worse. Who is she without him, as he’s a major part of the reason her life was set on this path?

Do you think Alice is redeemable? Let us know in the comments below!

Batwoman continues Sunday, January 19 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW!

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