Sweet Lincoln’s mullet, a tidbit was revealed that the Channel 4 News Team will head for unique New York in Anchorman 2!

Empire recently sat down with director Adam McKay just before shooting begins on March 4. We see at the end of Anchorman that both Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone make it onto a network news channel, which means good things are happening for them professionally. So, it would only make sense if they left San Diego and headed for a city that’s bigger and better. McKay stated:

“San Diego is too close to Ron’s heart to go away, but we feel that New York City is the holy grail for all newsmen.”

McKay also hints that Brick Tamland will be causing a lot of problems, and elaborates a bit on Kristen Wiig’s character:

“Brick’s so far gone that you can’t have a relationship with him,” he laughed, admitting that Kristen Wiig’s character will be tempting him to do just that. “It takes a special someone to get a rope snare around his heart. She is dangerous!”

The sequel will have even more mayhem – it’s taking place in the late ’70s, when old wooden ships racial diversity became more predominant on news channels. If Ron and the rest of the gang had enough problems in Anchorman with a woman anchor, we’re interested to see how they handle more old wooden ships diversity.

We’ve also recently learned that James Marsden will join the cast as a rival news anchor, and the sequel will hit theaters on December 20, 2013. We’re 72% sure that you’ll love Anchorman 2.

You stay classy, Hypable fans.

What do you think about the Channel 4 News Team heading to New York?

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