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Quiz: How well do you remember ‘Buffy’ season 3?

How well do you remember Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 3? Take our newest Buffy quiz and find out if you’d qualify as a Rewatchable superfan!

Hypable’s Rewatchable podcast has graduated from Sunnydale High — Buffy the Vampire Slayer rounded out the Scooby Gang’s high school tenure with the affirming and show-stopping “Graduation Day” two-parter. We all survived, but have our newbies graduated into Slayer superfans? This brand-new Buffy quiz will test what you’ve taken away from the show’s final high school moments and whether you’re ready to move on to college.

In Buffy season 3, we learn that after being forced to kill her true love, our heroine took off to LA, changed her name and went completely off the grid — even from her mother. A sharp turn of events bring her back to Sunnydale and slaying, where she finds herself with a partner-in-crime. Faith, a reckless new Slayer with a chip on her shoulder, joins the gang, but after getting Buffy in a ton of trouble, she eventually switches sides and starts working for the Mayor — this season’s villain, an immortal human who longs to achieve pure demonhood and bring about The Ascension, a kind of apocalypse. Along with a new Slayer, a couple of new Watchers make an appearance, padding out Giles’s world and filling us in on Slayer traditions.

As far as romance goes, it’s more complicated than ever. Angel reappears, traumatized but not evil, after spending years in a hell dimension, and Buffy helps him recover while not allowing herself to get too close, even attempting to date again. Eventually, she and Angel cannot deny their feelings and call themselves a couple once more, but Angel leaves town at the end of the season for reasons that include letting Buffy have a full and happy life in which he doesn’t hold her back, oh yeah, and because he got an offer to star in his very own spin-off.

Willow and Xander finally find themselves mutually attracted after all these years, and their sneaking around costs them Oz and Cordelia. Oz and Willow recover, consummating their love on the eve of the end of the world, but Cordy and Xander are done — he punches his V-card with a rather abusive Faith and ends up taking the vengeance demon Anya to the prom.

Buffy’s final days at high school are filled with many touching moments, none more so than when she’s voted “Class Protector” at the prom, her entire graduating class honoring her for the fact that she’s always been around to save them — they’ve got a lot to be thankful for, given what Sunnydale looks like in the alternate future in which she never came there. With the knowledge that her schoolmates are semi-aware of the supernatural, Buffy and the Scooby Gang recruit the whole class to take part in a battle against the Mayor on graduation day, and together they succeed in destroying his giant new snake form – blowing up the school in the process.

This season included Willow’s adventures in witchcraft, the arrival of Wesley Wyndham-Price, Giles hooking up with Buffy’s mom, a fleeting visit from Spike, creepy children, a suspected school shooting, and a life-saving snowfall. And as usual, it’s rife with catchy quotes and cultural references. Newbies and superfans alike: how well do you remember Buffy season 3?

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How well do you remember season 3 of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer?’

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