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BTS ‘In The Soop’ episode 3 recap: Rainy days are for relaxing

In The Soop episode 3 had BTS looking for rainy day activities and coming together to write a special song for their new show!

If you missed the last episode, catch up with our In The Soop episode 2 recap! BTS’ In The Soop episode 3 began with the members starting their second day on the camping trip. Jin was the first member to wake up that day, going from his tent outside to shuffling inside for some morning piano practice.

The second eldest, Yoongi, was also the second to wake up! He also headed inside from the camper to start his morning routine. While the rest of the members were still sleepy in bed, Yoongi made himself some coffee to finish waking up.

Hoseok woke up to the sound of the piano playing. As the resident tidy member, Hoseok was quick to make his bed before he even left the bedroom. Taehyung also started to wake up from the movement in the room and the sound of Jin’s playing downstairs.

Still playing the piano, Jin called Yoongi from the lower house to ask if they should eat. It was already 11 a.m. by that time so they were basically skipping right into lunchtime. Hoseok also came downstairs to see what they were up to.

He put on his shoes and went outside to do some morning stretches, still clad in his pajamas, before heading to the upper house. Taehyung came downstairs too, like his roommate, to start the day.

Hoseok started to help Yoongi to make their first meal of the day. They had made their mind up the day before to cook outside in the cast iron pot but they had to get the ingredients ready inside first. They also had to clean out the cast iron pot and season it with oil before it would be ready for use.

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While Yoongi continued to get the ingredients ready to cook, Jin went outside to enjoy a quick game of ping pong with Taehyung. Hoseok got back to the upper house just in time to witness Yoongi’s tears from cutting onions.

Yoongi started to worry that they didn’t have any cooking oil to make the meal with. He asked Hoseok to call Jin, but Jin didn’t want to stop playing the game just yet so they finished up before he went to check.

While Jin ran the cooking oil up to Yoongi and Hoseok, Taehyung went to relax for a bit in the hammock. Once the others were outside to cook all of the ingredients they prepared for the meal, Taehyung went to join them.

As the eldest three continued to cook the brunch, they asked Taehyung to go and wake up the others that were still in bed. As it turned out, Namjoon was already awake. He took the quiet time available to read outside by the water.

Taehyung told him that the food was ready first before going to get Jungkook. Jungkook was also awake and getting ready for the day when Taehyung found him. Jimin was the last one asleep so Namjoon called for him to wake up as well.

Before they could actually eat, they had to figure out how to move the food from the fire to the table. Jin laughed that they might drop it all before they even got to eat it. Yoongi told him they had to move it in ten seconds, but in reality they had to keep taking breaks moving it because of how hot it got from the fire.

Finally, they got the food to safety and just had to get everyone out to eat.

After the group had finished eating, those that had cooked got to relax while the others cleaned up. Yoongi and Jin went to play computer games together while the younger ones washed up the dishes in the kitchen.

They also took a look at the weather for the day and realized that rain was on the way. Because of this, they wanted to enjoy outdoor activities before the rain came into their area. Already they could see rain clouds overhead in the sky.

Namjoon and Hoseok headed outside together first while the others stayed inside. Jungkook wanted to make another dish with eggs to enjoy after their big meal. He spent a long time whisking the egg whites he put together but couldn’t get it to froth properly like he wanted.

Even after advice from Jin and Yoongi, he decided to give up and make something else with the eggs from what he had originally planned. He made the quick decision to switch over to making French toast instead.

Of course, when the others realized what he was making they wanted to have some as well.

With full bellies, the members gathered in the room to look at some of the other activities they hadn’t used yet. First, they still had to figure out who would go clean out the cast iron that Yoongi and Jin had used to cook on. Hoseok convinced the two youngest that they should do it since Jimin had washed the other dishes. He even walked them up there to show them where it was soaking.

Taehyung did jump right into cleaning the cast iron pot. They made a mistake giving him the hose though, because he took the chance to play with them and gave them a quick shower with the water from the hose.

Jimin, meanwhile, used a racket and the house to practice by himself. Inside, Hoseok joined Namjoon to start working on building a complicated lego set. They agreed to work on it slowly over the week because it was going to take them some time to get it finished.

They also discussed what they would have for dinner that night, while they continued to take it easy.

As the others relaxed inside, Jin went out on the boat again to try some more fishing. It looked like the fish were being just as shy though. Namjoon eventually joined him outside to play with his RC boat again. He sent it so fast towards Jin that it actually crashed into the boat.

Soon the others came out to watch Namjoon and Jin. They also encountered a problem when Namjoon’s boat got twisted up in some of the plants. He had to go on a rescue mission to save his boat once again. It didn’t take long for them to realize that the boat’s propellers were jammed from the plants as well.

At least no one fell into the water during the rescue mission, though they did laugh that it would’ve been funny if Namjoon slipped into the water. Meanwhile, Jin thought he caught a fish — only to realize it was his hook caught on the producer’s boat. Everyone came outside to see the commotion he was making thinking it was a celebration.

Jungkook and Taehyung made the older members laugh when they were caught being silly with the boxing gloves. Taehyung exercised Jungkook’s abs by punching them and the others couldn’t help but laugh at that. Jin also arrived inside to explain to them what happened while he was trying to fish.

When it started to rain outside, the members decided to work on a song for fun. With Taehyung on the piano they just wrote some lyrics offhand, whatever came to their mind. Jimin told the story of waking up that day, Jin sang about wanting to catch a fish, and Taehyung sang about the activities the others were doing.

Taehyung started a new song and suddenly the group broke into a song about being in the Soop. Jungkook joined them in the middle of their song writing session and listened to the melody they had written.

Once Yoongi realized they were writing the song together he ran off to get his recording equipment. Since they were making it voluntarily for joy, he wanted to record the moment for them. They don’t usually write all together as a group so it was a unique experience for them.

Before finishing up the song, Yoongi also asked Namjoon to record an extra ad lib to go at the end. They took three tries to get it right because Namjoon wanted it to come out well, even if it was just supposed to be a draft. Jin and Jungkook headed back outside to try their luck at fishing again, despite not having any luck since they’d arrived. It didn’t take long for them to give up.

Hoseok and Yoongi paired up again to make dinner, going to the upper house to get everything ready. This meant more running back and forth between the houses for Hoseok as he got different things that they needed.

Meanwhile, Namjoon realized that his phone was missing. Even after asking Jimin to call it he couldn’t locate it. It wasn’t until he went back outside to where he’d been with his RC boat that he found his cell phone. Lucky for him it was wet but it was still working.

After bringing everything down that they needed, the older members started to cook outside under the tarp so they were away from the rain. They gathered to wait for their comfort food to fill them with warmth from the inside while they listened to the sound of the rain outside.

Namjoon used his remaining free time before they ate to take pictures of the others with his film camera. Everyone came down to the table just in time to enjoy the meal together, as usual. The members also took turns trying to flip the pajeon, which results in some mess but also giggles.

In The Soop episode 3 ended with the boys discussing certain Korean traditions when it comes to meal time. What drove them to eat certain foods and drinks together, and what meals they go to for rainy days. After they finished eating outside, the boys decided to head inside to finish their night with some more drinks.

In The Soop can be purchased and viewed on Weverse! The new reality series runs from August 20, 2020 until October 13, 2020!

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