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BTS ‘In The Soop’ episode 2 recap: New and old memories

In The Soop episode 2 featured BTS finishing off the rest of their first day camping, enjoying new activities and some old favorites!

BTS’ In The Soop episode 2 started off right where the first episode left off, with Jin trying to fish — and running it issues. Meanwhile, Namjoon, Hoseok, and Taehyung continued to try and build their toys as Jimin serenaded them with music.

Jimin used the chance to retell funny stories from years ago. Like when Namjoon was obsessed with getting rid of the mosquitoes from their old dorm and kept the other members up at night to hunt them down.

As well as a story about the time that they moved which caused disagreements between Yoongi and Namjoon — but none of them could remember exactly what they had fought about. Meanwhile, Yoongi himself was busy checking out the camper van that was serving as his room while they stayed on the lake.

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Outside, Jungkook finished his workout with the punching bag and took the wrappings off his hands while he cooled down. After finishing up inside the camper, Yoongi went to the waterside to join Jin in some fishing like he’d promised earlier.

Jin filled him in on all of the excitement that he’d missed earlier, which was actually just Jin’s rod getting stuck on something. Likewise, Yoongi told Jin what the other members were up to inside the houses.

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Jimin and Namjoon decided to go back to playing ping-pong outside. With more time on their hands they wanted to try a game for 100 points. Jimin rushed outside to get the table ready for their game, asking for Jungkook’s help.

While Jimin and Namjoon began their long ping-pong match, Jungkook went back to working out with his punching bag on the grass. Most of the members were being loud outside, but inside Hoseok was quietly continuing to work on building his airplane.

Taehyung took the free time to get his luggage gathered up and move it to the house that he would be sharing with Jimin to sleep in. This also gave him the chance to sit down at the computer and play some games while the members were busy with other activities.

Namjoon and Jimin continued their ping-pong game, with Jungkook watching, until Namjoon won. Quickly, Jungkook jumped in to start a new game with Jimin while Namjoon watched the two playing.

In The Soop went back to the fishing team, Yoongi and Jin decided to jump on the boat and try heading out further into the water. They were a bit nervous from the start since they weren’t used to fishing on a small boat by themselves. It took them some time to figure out how to maneuver the boat to go in the direction that they wanted.

Namjoon ended up going down by the water so that he could see what Jin and Yoongi were up to. It just took him a bit to spot them out on the lake. Jungkook also took interest in fishing, trying his luck by the floating house before quickly realizing that the weight on his rod wasn’t sufficient.

Since he was already there, Jin and Yoongi convinced Jungkook to help them get the boat secured to the dock. After they accidentally tossed it into the water instead of to Jungkook, the youngest had to use his fishing rod to fish for the rope.

Eventually, Jungkook gave up on fishing too and went to practice playing guitar in his room. Yoongi moved on to his other new hobby, painting. This time, the staff got him a massive canvas to work on. At the ping-pong table, Jimin started a new game with Jin. While Namjoon and Taehyung played badminton together.

As it started to get too hot for them to play out in the yard, Jimin and Jin headed to the top house. Yoongi was joined by Namjoon who was surprised to see that Yoongi had jumped right into painting already. He stuck around for a bit to ask Yoongi questions about his process, meanwhile Hoseok continued to try and build his airplane inside.

Taehyung and Namjoon joined Hoseok in the room again, working on their RC boats that still needed some construction. The room was filled with boys trying to figure out the directions in front of them so that they could get back to playing.

Up at the top house, Jimin and Jin started to get ready to make the sashimi for dinner. After fishing all day, Jin was finally able to catch a fish out of their tank to make for dinner. Though the flatfish did give him a bit of trouble, Jin was able to get it out of the tank after two tries and posed for Jimin to take a picture.

After depositing the live fish into the sink, Jin had to get ready to prepare it. Jimin went from being excited to nervous about the process and was worried that Jin would get hurt. The two ended up re-watching a video on how to properly make the dish before proceeding.

After finally finishing their boats, Namjoon and Taehyung were able to head down to the water with them. From the dock of the floating house they put their RC boats into the water and quickly sent them racing. They enjoyed playing with the boats — until they realized that they weren’t coming back like they should.

They had to scramble to get their boats to come back towards the house against the current. It sent them into a panic for a bit but they both managed to get their boats back safely onto land.

After three hours of building, Hoseok also managed to finally finish his airplane. Yoongi joined him outside to try out the airplane after all of his hard work, guiding Hoseok on how to throw it into the wind. Once Jungkook spotted them, he also joined in to help.

Following a few not-so-successful tries, they made some tweaks to the airplane to see if they could get it to stay up in the air longer. Once they were able to get it going good, they were all excited to see how long it can stay in the air.

As the sun started to set, Jin continued to work on the sashimi. This meant that he had to skin and fillet the fish by himself. This activity was only made more difficult by the fact that his knife wasn’t sharp enough, but Jin tried his best. He was joined by Hoseok and Jungkook who were both fascinated by the process and tried to help Jin.

Taehyung and Jimin started to sing karaoke together as they waited for dinner. Namjoon had to flee the house because of the volume to which the 95 line was making with their song. He went to the upper house as well to help all the other members for a bit before going to read.

While Jin continued to work on the sashimi, Yoongi prepared more dishes and Hoseok started making their rice. As they continued to cook and wait for the food to finish, they also started to debate on what they should make the next day. Hoseok and Yoongi even sat down to watch a cooking show to get some ideas.

At the end of the night on In The Soop episode 2, all the members gathered together to enjoy the meal that the eldest had worked hard to prepare with help from Jungkook.

They continued to become nostalgic during the meal and shared memories of their past together. More talk of Namjoon’s mosquito killing habits are brought up again. As well as Yoongi’s theories that their neighbors at the time must have been breeding them because so many were in their dorm.

After dinner, the members went to go enjoy different activities and wind down from the night. Jungkook and Hoseok ended the night lighting up firecrackers and putting on a show for the others. Reminding them all of their concerts which used to light up the sky.

In The Soop can be purchased and viewed on Weverse! The new reality series runs from August 20, 2020 until October 13, 2020!

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