7:42 am EST, January 9, 2019

BTS’ ‘DNA’ music video reaches 600 million views, becoming the first Korean group to do so!

By Sonya Field | Edited by Brandi Delhagen

It’s been a busy week for BTS and their ARMY! After getting Jimin’s “Promise” to break a record on SoundCloud they’ve now helped the group reach 600 million views on the “DNA” MV!

When ARMYs set out to do something, you better believe it’s going to happen. They set their sights on getting the “DNA” music video up to 600 million views and after lots of hard work it’s finally there!

Why is this so important? It’s BTS’ first music video to reach the huge milestone of 600 million views, and it also makes them the first Korean group to reach this milestone as well!

Even with setbacks from YouTube deleting views, the ARMY didn’t give up and kept encouraging each other to keep streaming. As well as creating some creative (hilarious) ways to get others to watch. And they’re not stopping now, the ARMY has already set their sights on trying to get the views up to 1 billion views.

With the catchy tune of “DNA” and the beautiful visuals in the music video, the song makes a great introduction to new ARMYs as well. So for those that haven’t yet watched, this could be your chance to get into BTS!

“DNA” is from BTS’ album Love Yourself: Her, and was also included in Love Yourself: Answer. BTS members RM and Suga are credited with helping write the fan favorite song.

Now it’s time for the ARMY to celebrate!

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