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BTS ‘Break The Silence’ episode 6: ‘I think we were destined to meet’

The BTS members look back on their past and forward to their futures together on Break The Silence episode 6, “Now and Tomorrow.”

Break The Silence episode 6, “Now and Tomorrow,” shows the members on the European leg of their world tour. While getting ready for their historical concert at Wembley Stadium, they hold a press conference to talk about the exciting milestone.

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Jin says, “I think the venues we previously performed at were all really great and remarkable but our Wembley concert generated more interest and attention. In the movie, Bohemian Rhapsody, the concert was at Wembley Stadium. From just watching it on screen, I could see how big it was. I think that’s why people were more interested in that particular concert.”

Even Bang PD comes out to London to watch their concert at Wembley Stadium, the Break The Silence crew film him smiling as the members perform in front of the massive crowd.

“It’s, ‘I can’t believe we’re at Wembley,’ but not ‘It’s because we’re at Wembley.’ The stadium is symbolic to many people, but I think this tour itself is symbolic and meaningful to me, to us, and to many people,” Jimin explains. “That’s why, what I said yesterday is not just because it’s Wembley, but because this tour has brought us so much honor. So I wanted to thank all the fans for giving us this opportunity. I think that’s why I don’t want to restrict or limit it to that alone.”

Namjoon comments, “I think we just did our best to or abilities. In hindsight, I think it was the right direction. What we believed in, what we can’t see…we fought for all that. Even to this day. It may not have been perfect, but we were able to accomplish these tasks to some extent. I think that’s why we’re here today.”

“There’s seven of us so it’s hard to know for certain which is the best direction to take. It’s not like I’m building experience as a solo artist. The members of our group, as well as the staff and our company are all involved. So it’s not about the work of one individual. It’s like we’re sailing in a boat and somehow ending up on a new continent. That’s what it feels like,” Namjoon adds.

Though the members enjoy themselves performing at Wembley, the excitement gets to them and they go a little harder than their bodies can take. They feel worn out from giving it their all.

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“My biggest concerns are about work that we do. And with that in mind, I’ve been thinking more about the future these days,” Hoseok says. “The things I envisioned as a kid, and everything I thought about when we released the songs from our 2015 album, Young Forever, have started to become a reality. It’s a bit scary, but I’m also curious to see how it will all turn out. “

The BTS members are surprised when the fans sing “Epilogue: Young Forever” for them at Wembley. It moves them to tears as they watch ARMY singing to them.

After their shows at Wembley they work even more to record episodes of Run BTS! while Break The Silence films them as well. They get time to share a meal together afterward. Jin shares the news with the others that his song, “Tonight” was released and they all listen.

They also talk about envying some of their friend’s lives and Yoongi comments, “The grass is always greener on the other side. When you look at what others have, it seems much more special.”

“Knowing there are six other people going through the same things as me has helped me come this far without any trouble,” Namjoon says. “It keeps you sane, right?”

They all agree that having each other makes it easier on them. Even when they get lonely in hotels they can visit each other. They think how much harder it would be if they didn’t get along and recall some of the silly fights from their past. The infamous dumpling fight comes up, as well as the time Namjoon stole Yoongi’s food after his appendicitis.

Their conversation also turns solemn when they talk about a time coming up in the future when they’ll agree it’s time to stop. They don’t want to have any regrets and also want to be prepared for the time when it comes.

“When I talk to the veteran artists, they say that’s the most difficult part. Admitting that you’re over the hill is the hardest part,” Jin tells the others.

“It’s scary. It really is. I don’t want to shy away from expressing my fears. The uncertainty is what makes all of this scary. And there are so many people watching us. It’s really scary, nerve-wracking, and frightening,” Namjoon says.

Jungkook also thinks about an uncertain future, “’What if BTS suddenly disbands? What could I do by myself?’ When I thought about it, I realized that I have nothing. There’s not much I can do. Whenever I think about it, I worry a lot. Sometimes, when I’m alone, there are times when I feel overwhelming fear washing over me.”

“When I think about everything I’ve done for the other members, the work I’ve done to improve my performances, as well as all the things I’ve wanted to do, I realize all of that came from a desire to smile with the members, enjoy their company, and be happy with them,” Jimin explains.

“It’s not just that they’re like family or indispensable colleagues. I don’t think it’s something you can feel from just spending time together. No matter how badly I’m doing…and even when I make mistakes, the fact that I have people who can tell me it’s okay and quietly make up for my shortcomings, has been a strong source of support,” He adds.

In their hotel rooms Jin talks more to the Break The Silence crew about releasing “Tonight” while Yoongi talks about the struggles of maintaining their diets while on tour.

Jimin comments, “Whenever we do a concert, there are so many things I take away from it. I don’t think this tour is that different from other tours. Whenever we do a concert, we try to make our state of mind, feelings, and thoughts shine for a single moment, so to speak.”

He goes on saying, “It’s not something I can define with words, but it feels like we’re defining it as we go along. ‘This is how we want to grow,’ or ‘This is what performing means to me.’ These things may feel ambiguous now, but it feels like we’re gradually defining them.”

“To put it simply, I think it’s the main reason I became a singer. It’s not that I don’t enjoy doing TV shows, but I think concerts are the reason I’m in BTS,” Jungkook says.

BTS wraps up the international leg of their tour in Paris before heading back home to Korea. That doesn’t mean that they get to rest though, they have more performances in Asia to practice for.

“I came to Big Hit without knowing who the members were, and I got to meet a lot of trainees. Among them, the seven of us were the ones who were picked,” Taehyung explains. “At first, since the seven of us had different personalities, some of us took more time than others when it came to understanding each other. But I don’t think any of us thought, ‘I’m the best performer on stage.’ If we compare ourselves to the final peak that we’d like to reach, we still have a long way to go.”

Jungkook says, “We’ve been a good influence on each other, and we share similar dreams. Despite the emotional scars, we came together to talk, become motivated, and supported each other.”

“When I think about it, it makes me wonder, ‘How did the seven of us come together?’ It’s not simply a matter of us spending a long time together. In a way, I think we were destined to meet,” Hoseok comments. “It may sound really corny but I think it was fate.”

“The lyrics for ‘Tear’ were written for the members. When I was writing the melody, at the time, we were deeply contemplating whether we should quit or not. When I played the song for the members we all cried together,” Yoongi reveals.

“Honestly this is what I think…this isn’t mine. The image of BTS may have been realized, but it’s something that’s quite abstract. For instance, it could all disappear in a single moment. We are undoubtedly creating it together, but it’s not tangible. Sometimes we take it for granted…but I’ve never thought of it as being mine,” Namjoon explains.

Namjoon finishes out Break The Silence episode 6, “It doesn’t belong to anyone. It’s like an imaginary, momentary rainbow that’s been created by ourselves and the people who help us. It’s going to disappear someday, so we have to stay humble and reflect on ourselves. I think it’s important for us to spend more time reflecting on these things.”

BTS Break The Silence can be purchased exclusively through Weverse! New episodes of Break The Silence will be released every Tuesday and Thursday, as the series follows the 351-day journey on the Love Yourself tour.

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