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BTS ‘Bon Voyage’ season 4, episode 2: Nature is so precious

BTS Bon Voyage season 4, episode 2, “Youth through the Eyes of BTS,” had the members enjoying their first meals in New Zealand, car karaoke, taking in the sights, and getting used to the cold!

If you haven’t already watched and purchased the season, you can find it on Weverse!

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BTS ‘Bon Voyage’ season 4, episode 2:

Bon Voyage season 4, episode 2, “Youth through the Eyes of BTS,” picks up with the members on their way to go have lunch, but first they have to drive there with the camper and the SUV. While Jungkook and Jin take turn as the first drivers, the other members are able to relax a little bit more. Jimin and Hoseok are quick to take the chance to get in more selcas together.

When they arrive at the store, a whole new challenge arises and they realize finding a spot for the camper takes a little more time. After trying to park in one spot, Hobi redirects Jungkook to another spot before they’re finally able to get out. Meanwhile, Jin is able to park without trouble.

Since the members don’t plan on eating at restaurants too often during the trip, Yoongi tells the others that they should eat a lot. They decide to order various things from the menu and share it all together. The end up ordering Korean fried chicken, fish and chips, carbonara, chicken salad, and steak and eggs for their meals.


As soon as the food arrives, the members are quick to dive into the food. Barely giving Hobi time to capture how great the food looks on camera before it’s bitten into. Jungkook even drops a bite of fish into his drink because he’s trying to eat so quickly. It’s still nice to see the members enjoying a meal together and filling their bellies up after a long trip.

After they’re all done eating, they head to the sport supply store to get some clothes for camping. Some of the members want to pick up jackets while others need shoes for when they go hiking. Possibly the cutest part is when Jimin and Jungkook can’t figure out how to wear the headband properly and have to ask Yoongi to show them.

Kook asks Yoongi to buy him a few things, and even though his hyung tries to convince him he can just borrow his headband and gloves, it looks like he gives in and buys them anyways. Jimin agrees to buy a few things for Hobi and Taehyung as well, only to realize he can’t find his wallet. He had it in his hand when he walked in and has to retrace his steps to find it. Luckily, it doesn’t take long before he finds it where he’d put it down while trying on a jacket!


When the members pile back into the camper and SUV, they start to play around with the radios which are meant to help them communicate about the trip. Jimin decides to compliment Yoongi’s voice though, which makes the others in the camper giggle. They think it’s hilarious that Yoongi doesn’t respond, but they don’t know that it didn’t go through. So when he teases Yoongi about ignoring him, the SUV team just gets confused. And then they just keep messing up trying to respond to each other, especially when Namjoon tries.

Their next stop is to the grocery store where they can pick up all the Korean food that they want. Taehyung laments that he didn’t need to pack Ramyeon after all as they have plenty of options at the store. Jin and Yoongi focus on getting ingredients they’ll need for cooking, while Hobi leads in getting toiletries, and Namjoon picks out a ton of snacks for the group. As they check out, they wonder if they went a little overboard.

As the others finish checking out, Jungkook and Jin head outside to start packing the food into the camper. But when Jungkook takes a break to tie up his hair, Jin can’t help bother him, wanting a chance to play with Kook’s luscious locks. Jungkook has to run away to get his hair up before anyone can get to him. Once the others come out of the store, they’re amused to see Jungkook’s new style.


They have a bit of a drive ahead of them before they’ll arrive at their next stop. Which means they need to entertain themselves. They use the radios to join in on a group song, before the SUV team starts to sing their own song. We’re treated to Jin, Yoongi, and Namjoon singing a song about a dinosaur. They also keep arguing about Jin setting the pitch too high for the rappers.

Meanwhile, Jimin plays tour guide for the members in the camper. And, Taehyung breaks out into rapping with Hobi, while the SUV team keeps trying to keep up with Jin’s singing, and before the oldest hyung shows off his own rapping skills. They also enjoy the beautiful sights of New Zealand as they drive on.

They finally arrive at the café and are excited to see a heard of sheep next to it. They stop for a while to take pictures of them and with them, admiring the adorable sheep with the views. Before they leave, Taehyung asks if he can go inside the pen and they let him get closer to the sheep. One of the owners even brings over a baby lamb for Jungkook to hold onto, and then we get to see Bangtan’s baby holding another baby.


Once they’re all done playing with the sheep, the members head into the café to order some hot drinks and relax for a bit. Jin is sleepy from all the driving they’ve done so far, so Yoongi agrees to drive for them next. While they drink up, Hobi heads outside with the producers to film his CNS challenge with the New Zealand view.

The others are ready to get going but first Taehyung wants to try and do the CNS challenge. He simply watches the video that Hobi already shot and then does the challenge for himself in the cutest way possible. Even though the others complain that they took too long filming, they still want to watch and admire the challenge.

As promised, Yoongi takes over driving the SUV for Jin. He has to get used driving on the opposite side of the road and the changes in the vehicle because of that. They also drive on a single lane road for the first time but it goes smoothly. They’re sad to learn of fires in the mountains as they take in the sights.


The Bon Voyage crew asks them to make a stop early and surprises them with a view by the water. The sun is starting to go down which makes the weather even cooler. But that doesn’t stop the members from wanting to play in the water a bit, using it to freshen up their faces. Jungkook takes it a step farther and wets his whole face and hair using the cold water. While the others pause to take pictures with the pretty scene.

Dogs are outside to greet the members when they arrive at their first accommodations. Night has already fallen, but they can’t help and take time to play with them before heading inside. It seems like the members have fallen for the dogs, and the dogs have fallen for all the attention they get from them because they stick together.

After they’ve checked in, they go to check out the rooms and see that they’re full of bunk beds. Even though the rooms are basically the same, they still want to take turns picking out their rooms/beds after picking pieces of paper to decide what order they’ll go in. Jungkook, Namjoon, and Yoongi end up in one room while Jin, Jimin, Taehyung, and Hobi end up in the other.


When they head outside to get their bags, they also take a moment to admire the night sky full of stars. After changing into their pajamas, the members dug into the buffet for dinner, eating beside the warm fire inside the inn with the dogs by their side. They also make some Ramyeon from their own stash along with some Kimchi they bought at the store.

By the time they’re all done eating, the members are exhausted from the long day, and they can barely even muster up enough energy to do their new Bon Voyage chant. Jungkook still has enough energy left to play with the dogs though, making the others laugh.

Before bed, they share a drink together and toast to their trip together in New Zealand. They talk about going for a morning walk together the next day, but they wonder if they’ll all actually wake up. And they cutely talk about how nice it is to be together again. Jimin tells them that he’s the most comfortable when he’s with his members, they feel like home. Yoongi agrees this is the most comfortable Bon Voyage trip they’ve been on.


They take one last shot together, do their new chant, and then head off to bed!

In the morning, Jungkook is the first to rise in the morning and heads out into the mountainside by himself. Much to the bafflement of the camera crew who has no idea what he’s doing and tries to figure it out. Eventually, Jungkook comes back down with a chunk of snow in his hands. It’s not really clear why he wanted to go up and get some snow but he shows it off to the others as they wake. Taehyung makes Jungkook pose for a picture with his chunk of snow.

Jimin heads into the camper to bundle up in his winter gear while Taehyung keeps busy playing with the dogs again. When Jimin heads off to get a little exercise in, he doesn’t realize that his camera is off almost the entire time. Meanwhile, Jin starts to have breakfast but he’s barely awake.

After his walk, Jimin heads inside to see that they’re still waiting on some of the older ones to finish washing up. They wonder if they’ll even have time to go out together that morning as they wait. Namjoon and Jin finish up their breakfast anyways. Yoongi finally comes out but he wants to wait to eat until after their walk. Unfortunately, they still have to wait for Hobi who takes another twenty minutes getting ready.

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