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BTS ‘Bon Voyage’ season 3, episode 6 recap: Camping, Valletta, and Sliema

BTS Bon Voyage season 3, episode 6, “Separately and together” had the Bangtan Boys finishing up their camping trip and went on more nighttime activities!

BTS ‘Bon Voyage’ season 3, episode 6 recap:

This week’s episode picks up right where last week ended with the boys sitting down to enjoy the dinner that they prepared while camping! They make a toast to Bon Voyage and take a group picture before digging into the sausages. They’re all reminded of the clumsiness they ran into while cooking when Jin accidentally drops some more meat. Even though the boys don’t blame him for the mistake, they tell Jin he can sing for them if he feels bad. Thus starts a rendition of “Epiphany” at the camp.

After eating all their sausages, they start to cook some noodles and some pork belly. The lid to the noodle pot reminds Namjoon of a game they used to play and the water shield he could never get to. They all laugh at how upset he gets over the memory. Perhaps the drinks they’re enjoying with dinner are loosening them up a bit? He even pretends that some of the meat they’re cooking is lips to send kisses to ARMY.

Taehyung gets excited when the staff tells him they brought Korean distilled spirits, which are his favorite. All he has to do is agree to sing at the special dinner they’re going to have in order to get them. Of course he agrees. Finally their noodles are done cooking so they all dig into them. While the others finish eating, Jin gets the fire ready with wood. J-Hope also can’t help but bring up Taehyung and Jungkook’s sleeping habits since he found them sleeping oddly in bed.

After they finish eating, the boys make sure the staff are fed as well. Namjoon also checks on Jin’s fire to make sure it’s set up right. As they sit down to relax, Taehyung brings up the fact that he’s missing Suga on this trip. They all wish that they could be there together and Namjoon reminds them that they don’t get to decide how things happen all the time. Still, it makes them all a little sad.

Suddenly, they spot a shooting star and make some wishes — though some of them don’t get to see it. After cleaning up from dinner, they do some more star gazing and look at the moon which is red again. It’s not until they start getting ready for bed that the others realize that Taehyung wandered off alone to cry a little. Jimin and J-Hope are quick to go and comfort him.

The next morning Jungkook wakes up early to film the sunrise alone, sounds familiar, huh? Eventually Namjoon wakes up and sleepily plays with his phone. While Jungkook crawls back into his tent and ends up waking up J-Hope in the process. Despite being a little sleepy, they’re proud they spent the night camping. Taehyung seems to be a better mood in the morning, and makes everyone some toast with jam before they leave.

Ready for their new day of adventures, the members head to the open market to pick up some souvenirs for the trip. They each get to pick out one gift for themselves and they have a great time picking out things. Namjoon also ends up picking out a gift for J-Hope, a new bag to help him carry around all of their money. And we all know how much J-Hope loves his bags. While Jungkook and Jin also pick up some Malta fruit liquors for the group to enjoy.

After they finish shopping at the market, they head over to Mdina next where Game of Thrones was famously filmed. They take lots of pictures of the beautiful landmarks, take carriage rides around the city, and get some history lessons from Namjoon. They also do a bit of shopping and Jimin is happy when he finds a shop with small gloves, and he buys one for each BTS member. At a glass craft they’re all amazed by the art on display, and they also try to get coffee at a famous shop but it’s too busy for their liking.

On the way back to their house, they have some more driving shenanigans. First, J-Hope and Taehyung get distracted with singing and almost head in the wrong direction before they realize where they need to go. Then Jungkook and Jin have some fun with the camera crew that starts to film them while driving.

After arriving back in Valletta and getting changed for dinner, they head back to the same restaurant that they stopped at their first day in Malta. This time they have Taehyung with them, but no Suga. They’re quick to talk about all of the things he would do if he was there with them. Including help them pick out their drinks for the meal, which has Jungkook bringing up Irish Bombs again.

After their dinner, Jungkook decides to head home to catch up on some rest after so much stressful driving. Jin ends up staying at the restaurant to have some drinks at the bar and even teaches others how to properly drink tequila. The others head out in the city for the night, breaking up into two smaller groups with Jimin showing Taehyung around and Namjoon and J-Hope heading out to some new sights.

Namjoon and J-Hope decide to take a taxi over to Sliema since they haven’t been there yet. But first, they have to find their way over to the taxi. They end up running into an outdoor festival on accident when their directions are wrong. After lots of wandering around they finally find the taxi and head off to Sliema and find the giant LOVE sign they were looking for.

Jimin takes Taehyung around the city and shows him some of the spots that they visited before he arrived. Including the large fountain in the square that lights up at night. Taehyung is amazed by the view and after taking pictures they stop to make a wish with some coins. They end the night by going to a pub and enjoying some wine together.

Meanwhile, after lots of eating and drinking, Jin debates on what he will wear to the special dinner. He wants to make sure he lives up to his fashionista brand and wants to show off some RJ merchandise as well as some green clothes. But he can’t decide on which mix of things to wear and wonders if his band members will get mad at him.

Next time on BTS Bon Voyage season 3, episode 7, the group’s night out continues, Jungkook decides to dye his hair, there’s more busking, another boat trip, and personal letters!

Where to watch BTS ‘Bon Voyage’ season 3:

Fans can watch BTS Bon Voyage season 3 online on the BTS V Live here. This season consists of eight full episodes, eight behind cam episodes, and two bonus clips which can be purchased as a package for 900 coins (which equals $17.73).

BTS Bon Voyage season 3, episode 7, “I Know What I Am” will air on Oct. 30 at 9:00 p.m. KST/8:00 a.m. EST!

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