10:30 am EST, December 12, 2018

BTS’ performance of ‘Anpanman’ was the perfect way to close out 2018 MAMA

ARMYs are used to seeing BTS put on amazing, grand scale performances at award shows but seeing the fun “Anpanman” brought to 2018 MAMA in Japan was just perfection!

There’s no doubting BTS’ power of taking over the stage and just blowing everyone away with the show that they put on. At award shows, they always seem to kick it up a notch and put even extra effort into it. Leaving fans dazed and obsessed with what they just saw on the screen.

Building up to this year’s MAMA, ARMYs knew that BTS was going to do something spectacular. To start, BTS did a special performance of “Fake Love (Rocking Vibe Mix).” Of course it was excellent!

But what really made their performance at 2018 MAMA was “Anpanman.” This uplifting song about trying your best to be a hero, even when it’s not always possible is the perfect epitome of what BTS means to their fans.

The members of BTS themselves are constantly in an uphill battle to do their best and fighting against all the obstacles in their way. On the outside the song is fun thanks to the beat and the choreography.

Looking deeper into the lyrics shows just what the song is really about.

Like Suga’s verse (translated):

I’m not a superhero

Don’t expect a lot

I can be your hero

I’m really not sure whether that even makes sense

But mom, I really need to do it

Who’s gonna do it if it isn’t me?

You can call me, say Anpan

Or RM’s verse (translated):

Sometimes I’m afraid of all this

Because I came to have so many things that I love

Some say, you’re almost an old fossil now

You’re not qualified, Just do what you’ve been doing before

But I still want to be a hero

All I can give you is Anpan

And a word, “You’ve worked hard,”

But I’ll fly to you right away if you call me

Please call me

Of course, ARMYs responded right away to seeing BTS bring “Anpanman” to the MAMA stage:

Watch BTS perform “Anpanman” at 2018 MAMA below:

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