Christmas brings with it all kinds of fun, especially when Jake gets to pretend he’s John McClane. Check out our recap of tonight’s winter finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 3.

Santiago’s Christmas trick (more like mistake)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 3 episode 10 Yippie Kayak Jake Peralta Andy Samberg

Santiago has plans to trick Holt into opening a Christmas gift. Not only did she not make it look like a gift, but she simply wrote “Open Me” in some crazy handwriting. Jake does an expert job of illustrating exactly what’s about to go down as Holt runs out of his office yelling, “Bomb. There’s a bomb.” Whoops.

This is a ‘Diehard’ situation

Jake needs a little help getting a gift for Boyle, so he asks Gina. When Jake finally has Gina ready to go, Boyle butts in and invites himself along. Thank goodness Gina knows just how to distract him. Skillet vs. frying pan lecture to the rescue!

While they’re in the store, they soon find themselves locked in with a band of robbers. The robbers have taken hostages, and Jake gets more than a little excited about the Diehard-ness of it all.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 3 episode 10 Yippie Kayak Boyle Gina

Jake and Boyle are unarmed, and Gina only has her lighter. Boyle can’t get ahold of anyone at the Nine-Nine, so he calls Terry. Their top priority must be to keep Gina, the civilian, safe. In normal Gina fashion, she wants nothing more than to jump into the fray and save the day with her hairspray/lighter flamethrower. Gina gets herself spotted and nabbed by the robbers before she can get back to their hiding spot with her stock of hairspray.

Jake eventually gets himself taken hostage, but Boyle is still free to save the day. Boyle jumps out of the ceiling in time to save Jake’s life, botching the Diehard catchphrase in the process. They deduce that the bad guys are going to escape via the sewer, so Jake informs Terry. Terry, Scully, and Hitchcock are waiting at the grate to take them down.

All the hostages are saved, and Gina gets a chance to use her flame thrower in the final seconds of the episode, while Terry yells, “Somebody take her down!”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 3 episode 10 Yippie Kayak Jake Boyle

The Vulture gets ‘Vultured’

Terry arrives on the scene and guess who’s in charge? The Vulture. While Jake is picturing Diehard, the Vulture is thinking Taken, with Jake as the daughter. Terry and the Vulture have it out over who is gonna save the day here, and it ends with Terry taking the Vulture out in a fireman’s carry.

Santiago vs. the freezing cold

While Jake, Gina, and Boyle are faced with a hostage crisis, Holt, Rosa, and Santiago are preparing themselves to jump in a freezing cold lake. Santiago freaks out, as expected. She tries really hard to psych herself up for it, but fails as her toes skim the edge of the water. Holt and Rosa saunter in without her.

Santiago finally checks her phone and sees all of Jake’s texts, which forces her to enter the freezing water and alert Rosa and Holt to the situation. Way to rise to the occasion, Amy!

What did you think of tonight’s ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ ‘Diehard’-esque episode?

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