That’s right. The man that brought you Ron Swanson will be appearing in Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 3, and his role will make you even happier to see him.

Thanks to EW, we have all received a special gift from the creative forces behind Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The man, the myth, the legend that brought you the delightfully crotchety Ron Swanson for seven magnificent seasons of Parks and Recreation will be appearing in Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 3.

There are a million roles we would love to see him take on, but the guest role he will be tackling in Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 3 is as close to a dream as we could imagine. Offerman will appear in the November 22 episode, entitled “Ava,” and will be playing… wait for it… Captain Holt’s ex-boyfriend, Frederick.

Yes, you read that correctly. Captain Holt’s ex. We also know this about the episode, as was written in that same EW article: “Frederick crosses paths again with Holt in a story line that involves Sharon (Merrin Dungey), who is the wife of Terry (Terry Crews), giving birth to their third child.”

Our imaginations want us to see visions of Nick Offerman’s Frederick running into Terry’s wife on the street and helping her to the hospital as Terry and Captain hustle to the hospital at warp speed. The awkward meet and greet that would happen in the waiting room sounds like it would be worth every delicious second.

Who knows what Dan Goor and Michael Schur have in store for us, but one thing we can do is guarantee that this is going to be one episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine you won’t want to miss.

How excited are you about Nick Offerman’s casting on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’?

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