Carol Danvers herself, Brie Larson, has finished her work filming Marvel’s newest standalone superhero movie, Captain Marvel.

We’ve all been clamoring for any news, photos, or clips from Marvel’s Captain Marvel, but the powers that be at Marvel have been quite tight-lipped about the film, save a few nuggets of info here and there. So when Brie Larson posted a picture to her Instagram that signaled the end of shooting on the film, we got excited.

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Larson’s post was simple, a clapboard with signatures from the cast on it, and a calendar that showed July 6 as the final day of shooting.

Unsurprisingly, there’s nothing in Larson’s Instagram post that gives away info on Captain Marvel. However, with filming now wrapped and Ant-Man and the Wasp in theaters, Carol Danvers’ time in the spotlight is drawing ever-closer and we can start counting down the weeks until we get a trailer!

Of course, Kevin Feige did say in June that we still had a couple more months before an official trailer was released. Additionally, since Marvel isn’t making an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con this year, we might still have a bit of a wait for a first look at the film. However, the great news is that since the movie is done filming it means we’re that much closer to the first trailer, and we can’t wait.

Captain Marvel will be set in the 90s and is reported to be a bit different from the other superhero origin story movies we’re used to seeing. Kevin Feige has also said that introducing Carol Danvers to the MCU is a big deal, as she’ll be playing an integral part of the MCU as it moves into Phase 4 after Avengers 4.

While we’re all on the edges of our seats waiting for a first trailer to drop, we can all get the whole story when Captain Marvel is set to arrive in theaters on March 8, 2019.

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