The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 opened in United States theaters earlier this evening, and now the film series has come to a close.

Now it’s time to discuss with fellow Twihards!

Spoiler warning: Do not proceed unless you’ve seen the film!

We’re eager to hear your thoughts on the final film in the Saga. In our review, we said it “caters to the fans and delivers. You get shirtless Jacob, you get plenty of intimacy between Edward and Bella, and you also get some fun scenes with the Cullens and Charlie. We believe that Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is the best of the series and will leave the audience holding back tears until the very last scene.”

“The memories of this saga will indeed live on forever because Condon, Rosenberg, and Meyer worked up a great multi-part ending,” we concluded.

One of the questions we’re most eager to ask you: What did you think of the flash forward scene where Alice shows Aro what will happen if he decides to fight? Several characters in the scene are shockingly killed off, and we certainly believed each of those deaths was actually happening until director Bill Condon brought us back to reality.

IF all those characters had actually died, would you have been disappointed? Or would you have thought that it was acceptable given it’s how Alice actually saw the battle happening, thus being canon? We’ve yet to be able to ask Stephenie Meyer, but we’re wondering how exactly the crew decided which characters to kill off in Alice’s vision.

Here are some other questions we want you to answer…

– Did you think the ending overall was a great way to send off the Saga?
– What did you think of Renesmee and actress Mackenzie Foy?
– Were you as charmed as we were when Jacob stripped in front of Charlie?
– How wicked was Michael Sheen’s performance as Aro?
– Did you cry?

Hypable feature: As of this weekend, Bella, Edward, and Jacob’s stories will come to a close. See how far they’ve come from the first movie with our graphics detailing their journey!

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