The home release of the final Twilight film, Breaking Dawn – Part 2, also brings an extended version of its predecessor Breaking Dawn – Part 1.

We’ve gone through both DVD/Blu-rays to tell you about what features you’ll find. Because let’s face it: you want ’em.

Breaking Dawn – Part 1: Extended Edition

Breaking Dawn - Part 1 Extended EditionNever before has Summit-Lionsgate released an Extended Version of one of the Twilight films. Considering that one book had been split into two movies in the case of Breaking Dawn, the idea of an extended cut is even more surprising. While at the studio’s offices last weekend to screen the longer movie, an executive told us that they had hoped to have it out when the film was first released on DVD/Blu-ray last year. The problem was that director Bill Condon was busy editing Part 2, so there was no time for him to put together a longer version of Part 1. They understand there will be accusations of this being a quick money grab, but they insist that they would’ve preferred Part 1 Extended Edition was released last year so that sales could be stronger than they likely will be now.

Nonetheless, we watched the full Extended Edition (with fellow Twilight fan sites) and thought the seven minutes of new footage fit perfectly with the rest of the movie. In fact, we turned to each other at the end and all wondered which parts, exactly, were the new scenes. The previously deleted scenes fit so well that you’ll feel like you’re watching an improved version of Part 1.

Breaking Dawn – Part 2

Breaking Dawn - Part 2 DVD/Blu-rayReleased in theaters this past November and regarded by many as the best of the five films in the Saga, Breaking Dawn – Part 2 on DVD/Blu-ray brings with it a slew of special features including a lengthy documentary.

Highlights of the documentary included with all versions of Breaking Dawn – Part 2 on DVD/Blu-ray: Two Movies At Once, where we learn about the challenges of shooting these two films, created from one book, simeltaneously. Says actor Peter Facinelli (Carlisle), “When I got the scripts to these movies, they were 250 pages. It was heavy. I looked and it and was like ‘Woah, this is pretty daunting.'” We also hear from Kristen Stewart, author Stephenie Meyer, and producer Wyck Godfrey as they explain the uphill battle they encountered.

The 7-part featurette focuses on elements like Bella as a vampire. In there, we learn how the crew wanted to put the viewer in the eyes of Bella as she’s experiencing vampire life for the first time. We also get to watch behind-the-scenes shots of Kristen Stewart beating up Taylor Lautner, Emmett and Bella’s arm wrestle, and designing’s Bella’s vampire look.

Speaking of uphill battle, the section of the documentary on designing the final battle scene is a remarkable look at countless challenges faced. The cast and crew had to work within a building to shoot the massive 30-minute sequence, and we see every positive and negative side of the process. At the end of this portion, we see the much talked about and highly-anticipated dance off that was a surprise for director Bill Condon.

The Target-exclusive Blu-ray version of Breaking Dawn – Part 2 includes an additional 50 minutes of behind the scenes footage on a bonus disc that, as a fan, you’ll want to devour every minute of. If you purchase from other retailers, you won’t get this bonus footage. Even if you go with the regular 2-disc version of Breaking Dawn – Part 2 from retailers like Amazon, you’ll still get the 7-part documentary.

Breaking Dawn – Part 1: Extended Edition and Breaking Dawn – Part 2 both will be released this Saturday on DVD/Blu-ray, Digital, and UltraViolet. Which will you be picking up?


Breaking Dawn – Part 1: Extended Edition: DVD | Blu-ray | Digital
Breaking Dawn – Part 2: DVD | Blu-ray, Target Exclusive Edition DVD | Blu-ray

“Which should I buy?”

If you’re looking for as much footage as possible, Part 1: Extended Edition and Target’s Part 2 Exclusive Edition are the purchases to make. If you don’t need an extra 50 minutes of behind the scenes footage that comes with the latter, the regular 2-disc version will give you more than enough bonus material to enjoy.

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