All bad things end this Sunday when Breaking Bad‘s series finale airs on AMC at 9 p.m. eastern/pacific.

Breaking Bad season 5, episode 16 is the final episode in the critically-acclaimed series and will hopefully send off Walt, Jesse, and others in a blaze of glory.

This past Sunday’s episode did not include a trailer with new footage, but AMC did release two photos from the final episode to give us very, very small glimpses into the series finale. The pair of previews depict bearded Walt, who has been off his regular chemo.



Reads the synopsis, “The story of Walter White, his family, and his associate, Jesse Pinkman, arrives at a close to conclude the series.”

The Breaking Bad series finale trailer released at the start of this week shows clips from episode 15 and some classic moments from the series. Watch it again below. It’s pretty emotional:

Between now and Sunday, AMC is airing every single episode of Breaking Bad back-to-back. It all leads up to the grand finale at 9 p.m. eastern on Sunday, September 29. Immediately following the episode will be a special, hour-long episode of Talking Bad.

So what could happen in Breaking Bad‘s series finale? Walt appears poised to take out Jack and his team for killing Hank and not following through with their promise to kill Jesse. He also seems to have a new mission: Take out his former partners at Grey Matter who denounced him during an interview with Charlie Rose.

Walt is bitter about their comments and still enraged over the fact that. because of his research, the company went on to be worth over $2 billion. Of that worth he didn’t see a penny (unless you count the $5,000 he got from selling his shares before Gray Matter succeeded).

In short, we hope to see Walt take out all of his enemies and somehow find peace in life. We would hate to see him or any members of his family die, but that’s another likely scenario.

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