Breaking Bad supporting actors Bob Odenkirk (Saul) and Jonathan Banks (Mike) attended the 2012 Primetime Emmys red carpet over the weekend and spoke about the big death that happened towards the end of their fifth season.

The death in question is of course Banks’ character Mike, who died at the hands of Walt (Bryan Cranston) following a confrontation that had seriously bothered the meth cook.

“He was the only guy who was living in reality,” Odenkirk said of Mike. “You’ve got Walter White’s crazy ego, and he’s the only character – I mean my wife felt so bad when his character was killed. He was the guy that she related to in the show because he knew what was going on and he was right.”

“And that’s how I feel about my character,” said Banks, who seems to be pretty quiet whether we see him on red carpets or at major fan events like Comic-Con.

When the topic of discussion moved to the darkness of the show, Odenkirk could understand how the audience was feeling. “I get it. I get how people feel that way. One of the great things about Breaking Bad is that it really goes there. When someone gets killed you feel terrible, it’s not like a video game death. Its potent but that’s what’s great about it.”

Breaking Bad’s final eight episodes are expected to run in summer 2013. The cast and crew have not yet begun filming, but we can’t wait!

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