AMC has released a new poster for Breaking Bad’s final eight episodes and it holds an ominous warning from Walt: “Remember my name.”

This new warning from Walt harkens back to other great moments from the character played by Bryan Cranston in which he makes it clear that he is not one to be messed with. “I am the danger,” Walt infamously proclaimed in Breaking Bad season 5.

'Breaking Bad' season 6 poster

Breaking Bad’s final eight episodes, alternatively known as season 5B or season 6, premiere Sunday, August 11 at 9 p.m. eastern/pacific on AMC.

Leading up to the premiere, the cast and crew have promised a roller coaster ride to the highly-anticipated finish. In recent weeks creator Vince Gilligan has forewarned that all of Walt’s lies may begin to fall in on him.

“Walt has been the world’s greatest liar, and I think the person he lies most capably to is himself,” Gilligan said. “So in these final eight episodes, perhaps the lies will cease to find traction and the scales will start to fall away from Walt’s eyes.”

The first teaser poster for the new Breaking Bad season promised that “All bad things must come to an end.” This falls in line with Gilligan’s warning and the season 5 cliffhanger in which we saw Hank connect the dots between Walt and Heisenberg.

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Will there be more for fans to enjoy in the Breaking Bad realm following the end of the show? There’s already talk of a Breaking Bad spin-off centered around beloved lawyer Saul Goodman.

It’s also possible that a Breaking Bad movie could see the light of day; actress Anna Gunn wouldn’t deny the murmurs when she was interviewed last week. Her comments suggested that major characters like Walt, and her character Skyler could survive the final eight episodes.

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