Laura Fraser, whose character Lydia Rodarte-Quayle was introduced to us in the first half of Breaking Bad season 5, says in a new interview she had fully expected Lydia to die.

Viewers know, however, that she has made it through at least the first eight episodes of the final season thanks to her importance to Walt and distributing the blue stuff.

Fraser thought Lydia would “absolutely” die, she reveals in a new interview published on AMC’s site. “They told me I was going to be in more after the first half of the season, but I thought they could change their mind pretty easily and I could be gone.”

The actress also responded to discussion about Jonathan Banks’ character Mike getting the axe after a frustrating confrontation with Walt. Banks had admitted to media previously that the character’s downfall was entirely his fault, to which Fraser responded, “I remember him on set saying, ‘What the f***? No half-measures! What am I doing?’ But, you know Mike f***ed up. He took a half-measure, what can I say? I felt sad when I heard what happened — I left at Episode 505 and came back at Episode 508 expecting to see him there, and then realized that his character had died the previous episode. I was a bit bereft because I was looking to get to know him a bit more!”

Breaking Bad returns with the final eight episodes of the series next year.

Do you think Lydia will make it out alive?

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