Appearing on The Howard Stern Show today to promote his new film Argo (directed by Ben Affleck and in theaters this Friday), Bryan Cranston discussed his role on Breaking Bad and offered up a new theory on how we could see the show end.

Host and interviewer Stern himself is a huge fan of AMC’s hour-long meth drama, so analysis of the show was lengthy during the fun interview. When asked how he thought Breaking Bad would end, Cranston confirmed once again that he does not know exactly how the show will conclude and that it’s entirely up to series creator Vince Gilligan.

“It is Breaking Bad so it’s going to get worse than where it is now,” he teased. Then he offered a new theory that he recently played out in his head. “At first I thought, well he has to die. Obviously he’s got to die. And then I thought, well wait a minute, what if he makes such a terrible environment around him that everyone else dies and he’s left alone, having to deal with his loneliness and the decay of his world.”

That potential ending could’ve been hinted at towards the end of season 5 when we see Walt kill Mike and immediately regret shooting his business partner.

Later, Stern’s co-host Robin Quivers suggested that Hank would have to be dealt with as well. “Well he’s going to finish taking a s—,” Cranston jokingly responded.

Breaking Bad will shoot its final eight episodes beginning in March for airing in July.

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