One of the greatest aspects of Breaking Bad is the show’s lead character Walter White’s (played by Bryan Cranston) deep change in character over the five seasons.

So at what moment do most people agree was the tipping point – the final change from good to bad? Cranston was posed this question by Den of Geek, but he had a diplomatic answer.

“I don’t judge him. Because I’m too subjective, I shouldn’t judge him,” he said. “It’s just a guy trying to get along and trying do the right thing. We’ve all done that, even as children: remember when you told a lie to your parents, and then you realize (shudders) you have to back up that lie, and now you’re in deeper? That’s what Walter White’s life is now.”

But he admits that Breaking Bad‘s unique appeal is indeed his change of character and how the viewer has to feel towards him. “All the rules are different. But I’ll even have older journalists – not you – will say to me, almost aggressively and anxiously, ‘How are we supposed to like him?’ And I say, ‘Are you supposed to? Where’s the rule that says you’re supposed to follow some edict?’ All the rules are broken, you can go anywhere.”

Mind you, this feeling only applies to viewers who’ve been watching since season 1. Cranston notes that those who didn’t have the chance to sympathize with him early on will have dramatically different feelings. “If you started with it, you know that hook was in deep, then we let the line go, let the line go, and then: BAP! And we start reeling you in, and the viewers are following even if they don’t want to. They know Breaking Bad is going to swirl down into a morass of ugliness.”

Earlier this month Cranston was asked if he had a theory as to how the show could end, and he offered an entirely new one he only recently discovered.

Breaking Bad returns summer 2013. Read more with Cranston on Den of Geek.

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