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The 25 best episodes of ‘Boy Meets World’

S6 E6 — ‘Hogs and Kisses’


One of Boy Meets World’s silliest episodes, “Hogs and Kisses” finally addresses the elephant in the room: Shawn and Topanga’s incredibly natural and occasionally uncomfortable chemistry. It’s just that they’re both such beautiful people with really great hair! When Cory forces them to go on a date, his two favorite people turn the tables by enacting a live action play exposing their long hidden “passions.” Meanwhile, Eric and Jack are still getting used to having Rachel around, and after days of working hard to be on their best, most cleanliest behavior to impress her, the trio ends up in a giant food fight.

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S6 E9 — Poetic License: An Ode to Holden Caulfied

Topanga: Oh Shawn, you do still love her!
Shawn: I miss her. I miss the way she made me feel. I miss the fact that I could tell her things that no one else understands, not even Cory.

As a kid, this episode really stood out because of all the finals antics going on with Eric, Jack, and Rachel, but looking back as an adult, Shawn’s A-story and evolution as a writer is really powerful. In this episode, we find out that he’s secretly been writing poetry — really good poetry, and even though Cory’s astonished by his best friend’s newfound talent, Angela knew that Shawn had it in him all along. This episode is one of the few where we really get to see just how different Cory and Shawn really are. Cory can’t understand Shawn’s poetry, or even why he feels the need to keep it private, but it’s sweet to see how he wants to support his best friend anyway. The episode also really subtly shows us the reasons why Shawn and Angela worked so well together: they understood each other. They’re both intellectuals — they want to discover beauty in the world.

S6 E13 — ‘We’ll Have a Good Time Then’

Shawn: Oh my god. I’m you.
Chet: What are you talking about?
Shawn: I’m talking about the fact that I can’t keep a relationship. I drive all my friends away. I hurt everybody that I care about.

In one of Boy Meets World’s most heartbreaking episodes, Shawn and Jack’s father comes back into town only to suffer a heart attack and die the day before Jack’s birthday. A lot of the brothers’ insecurities and relationship issues are brought to the fold as Shawn starts the episode by reminding Jack that he doesn’t want to be his charity case. Shawn and Jack each have their own, deep-seeded issues with their dad, and while Shawn is furious at how the way he was raised is affecting his life, Jack is devastated that he won’t ever have the opportunity to get to know his dad.

S6 E20 — ‘The Truth About Honesty’

Shawn: Oh man. I Cory’d this up, didn’t I?
Angela: You had to get heavy, Shawn.
Shawn: No, I’m not getting heavy Angela. I just think an emotional commitment is proper for — oh my god, I’m both of them!

When Rachel throws her first grown-up dinner party (complete with Cornish hens!) the gang plays an Honesty Game, and issues brewing between the couples finally bubble over when they’re forced to tell the truth. And after Shawn admits that given the opportunity, out of everyone in the world, he’d choose a night with Angela, she offers him the chance — if he can keep it no-strings-attached. But it turns out Shawn isn’t the bad boy he likes to make himself out be! He’s a romantic at heart, and after being influenced by Cory and Topanga for so long, he just can’t keep it together when he feels SO MUCH LOVE. Oh well. At least Cory got to see Topanga’s tooshie?

S7 E3 — Angela’s Men

Sergeant Moore: But she doesn’t seem to like you, son.
Shawn: Oh, she loves me, sir.

This episode is worth it alone for the ridiculous runner of Eric trying to attack Topanga — complete with a tag that ended up as a blooper reel when nobody could keep a straight face while filming. But this episode is also special because after two seasons of having Angela as a part of the gang, when her father shows up in town, we finally get to understand her background. We always knew she was feisty, down-to-earth, and practical — a soothing presence for Shawn’s artistic mind amidst his unstable upbringing. But in this episode, Angela finally gets to be at the center of her own story — we understand not only why Shawn loves her, but maybe for the first time, we come to understand why she feels so connected to Shawn.

S7 E7 — It’s About Time

Shawn: Cory and I have been best friends all our lives. And this wedding’s been kind of hard on me because I know, no matter how much we avoid talking about it, Cory and I aren’t going to be best friends forever. Things are changing between us. Things have always been changing. We’ve had to deal with life, and death, and Feeny, but no matter what we faced, we always faced it together. So then, how can we possibly be upset with each other on his wedding day? Well, it’s because deep down, I think Cory and I both know that we’re not going to be best friends anymore. And that’s the way it should be. So this is to Topanga: Cory’s wife, and new best friend. Take care of him, okay?

It’s Cory and Topanga’s wedding day, and Shawn’s taking it the hardest. When he drops out as Best Man, Eric cons the lovebirds into getting the wedding of their dreams. But of course, Shawn shows up for his own best man in the end, and after a brawl down the middle of the aisle, the two best friends makeup and admit their own insecurities about moving forward in life. Because after growing up with these kids for seven seasons, this wedding is what we’ve all been waiting for.

S7 E8 — ‘The Honeymooners’

Cory: This is so great. I wish Shawn was here.

One of Boy Meets World’s weirdest episodes, “The Honeymooners” saw Cory and Topanga take their tropical honeymoon only to never want to return after finding success in paradise.

S7 E15 — ‘The War (Part 1)’* and S7 E16 — ‘Seven the Hard Way (Part 2)’

Eric: I married a moose. We don’t need counseling.

When a friendly prank war gets out of hand, the friends find themselves torn apart by bitterness, resentment, and a sense of betrayal. The true highlight of the episode though is the flash-forward that presents a grim, lonely outlook for everyone involved — except for the voice of wisdom, of course, Eric Plays With Squirrels. Just in time, everyone remembers that they need to respect each other: lose one friend, lose all friend, lose yourself.

S7 E22-23 — ‘Brave New World’

Mr. Feeny: Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do good.
Topanga: Don’t you mean, “Do well.”?
Mr. Feeny: No, I mean, “Do good.”

This episode’s kind of a copout since it’s mostly just flashbacks, but it’s worth it alone for Feeny’s final, beautiful piece of advice. Class dismissed.

What’s your favorite ‘Boy Meets World’ episode?

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