Here’s the best news yet concerning the Boy Meets World spin-off Girl Meets World: Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel, original stars of Boy, are officially signed on for Girl!

TV Line broke the news which had been widely expected following reports at the start of this month that the pair were in early talks.

The new show will follow Cory and Topanga as a married couple raising their thirteen-year-old daughter named Riley, from whose perspective the story is told. We had first learned about their daughter via a casting call earlier this month.

Riley Matthews is described as “fiercely loyal to her friends, and spends most of her time juggling the obstacles that life throws her way, some of those being her father who is also her seventh grade history teacher, her mother who is Topanga, and her brother, Elliot, who is one grade older in school and in life experience and makes sure to always let her know it. But there is no obstacle in this girl’s world that can dampen her bright spirit and eternal optimism.”

Neither Riley nor Elliot have been cast yet. Boy Meets World creator Michael Jacobs is handling the project for Disney Channel. It has been 12 years since Boy Meets World ended on ABC.

A premiere date for Girl Meets World has not yet been set, but we’ll be closely following any and all developments!

How great is today’s ‘Girl Meets World’ casting news?

UPDATE: Savage and Fishel took to their social media accounts to talk about today’s news.

Savage tweeted:


Fishel went on Tumblr to talk about how support from the fans has “truly been awe inspiring.” She spoke about how that inspiration led them to make sure they’re developing a great show:

Making the decision to do the show involved more conversations than you can possible imagine. These conversations were with the same people I mentioned above because they were all instrumental in creating and maintaining the heart of BMW. The first comment out of every person’s mouth was, “Let’s only do it if we think we can create something as special as we did with BMW.”

When the news leaked that GMW was in the making, literally days after I first heard about the project myself, Michael Jacobs and I had a conversation and we talked about how we were both so blown away by the reactions from all of you. We felt honored. We felt nostalgic. We felt touched by the excitement in your comments, tweets, Tumblr, and Facebook posts. But most of all, we felt inspired. We felt inspired to bring these characters back to life and to tell you more of their stories. Michael said to me, “Danielle, when I read what people say BMW meant to them it makes me so very proud of all of us. I think it is important for us, for as long as we are fortunate enough to have this opportunity to do GMW, that we all look each other in the eyes every so often and make sure we know we have something of value to offer the audience.” I think we have that with GMW.

Read much more from Fishel on her Tumblr. We’re so glad to hear how much they care about getting this show right!

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