This Monday will be a turning point for Emily Deschanel’s character Brennan on Bones after she is shot while working at the Jeffersonian lab. The actress spoke with us about her character’s near death experience and what’s to come.

Brennan will be rushed to the hospital after being shot at work in Monday’s episode of Bones entitled “The Shot in the Dark”. While in critical condition she goes in and out of visions of her mother that will defy her logic. Although we don’t know who the shooter is, it’s suspected that the attacker is linked to the Jeffersonian.

Deschanel revealed to us that not only will Brennan have a near death experience but she will also flat line which is when she see’s visions of her mother. But are they visions or has Brennan actually gone to heaven? Deschanel says that’s for the viewers to decide. “I have an encounter, which she believes is a hallucination, at least at first, where she is transported … to her childhood home, and she sees her mother. She interacts with her mother who is dead, and so, of course, she believes it’s a hallucination,” She said. “She has flatlined. So many people will interpret it to be that she’s gone to heaven. Her interactions with her mother reveal things from her past, and also it effects Brennan now”

The episode will give viewers and insight into why Brennan acts the way that she does. The encounter with her mother will show why Brennan is so hyper rational and has cut off her emotions. After her near death experience Brennan will begin to change but it will take place over the season and will happen subtly. Deschanel explains, “I think that Brennan feels like the way she’s behaved as–it’s shined a light on her behavior and maybe encourages her to change a bit.”

Deschanel also revealed that this episode will be all the more emotional because Booth and Brennan get into a fight at the start of the show which causes her to go back to the lab where she is shot. She said, “Booth and Brennan have a fight. Brennan believes that Booth is criticizing her parenting style, and runs out and ends up in the lab again at night to go finish working on this case, and that’s when she gets shot.” Brennan is not only dealing with her own internal issues of being a mother but also of missing her own mother. Whom she goes on later to have visions about while in a state of being between life and death.

This is a huge issue that Brennan doesn’t want to talk about. Without having her mother around it’s been hard her to give birth and try to figure out how to be a good parent. Deschanel adds, “It also brings back so many memories and makes her miss her mother. So, it’s quite fitting that this issue that she’s dealing with, in a way, causes her to see her mother again and hopefully helps ease those pains that she’s dealing with because doesn’t have her mother around.”

We certainly believe it will be interesting to see how Booth and Brennan will change after “The Shot in the Dark”, what changes are you expecting to see?

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