In advance of Monday’s Bones episode, “The Method in the Madness”, new spoilers have been released about the rest of this season.

In a conference call with reporters, executive producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan revealed what viewers can continue to expect on Bones this season. TV Line reported Pelant (Andrew Leeds), the big bad from season 7, will return in January. According to Hanson, Pelant’s reappearance is “one of the biggest episodes we’ve ever shot.” In the meantime, Leeds will appear on Grey’s Anatomy, CW’s midseason show Cult, and is in the process of writing a pilot based on Confessions of a Backup Dancer on the CW.

Missing the squinterns? Nathan revealed that viewers will soon see a new squintern in the mix. This is due to scheduling issues during pilot season with the regular squinterns.

Angela (Michaela Conlin) will also undergo a change this season. As seen in previous episodes, Angela doubts her ability at the Jeffersonian and looks to be searching for a purpose. According to Hanson, Angela will soon explore those options. “This is [Angela’s] season to start to think that her life was meant to be bigger than just recreating crimes and living in a life of murder. She’s feeling antsy.” Her father played by Bill Gibbons will return at some point this season.

Part of Angela’s journey will involve some rollerskating. While the Jeffersonian investigates a murder and comes across a roller derby team, it is revealed that Angela is a long time rollerskater. As Nathan hints, it seems like she will go undercover in this episode. “So she’s helping out on a case in a way that she wouldn’t normally otherwise. And this is somebody who’s been a little frustrated with her job. She feels that she’s lived her life a little too safely lately, and she wants to break out a little bit. Getting slammed into a wall in roller derby seemed a good way to let that happen for her.”

It seems like Angela and Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) are safe for now at least.

Another spoiler from the TV Line conversation reveals that a female member of Brennan’s (Emily Deschanel) family will appear this season. Nathan hints that viewers have already seen her briefly before. Who might this be?

Bones airs Mondays at 8 pm EST on FOX.

Photo Credit: FOX Broadcasting



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