The opening titles of any Bond film are an artistic accomplishment all their own. The James Bond franchise has always set itself apart with the crazy opening title sequences that are packed with symbolism representing the types of hazards that Mr. Bond will be facing this time around.

Girls, guns, and silhouettes always seem to have a recurring role in these brief pre-film music videos, and the best of the best artists always seem to pull through to compose songs that are perfect for each film. From Tina Turner, to the Beatles, to Adele, each song is created specifically to suit each film and the crazy hallucinations that they pull off every couple of years.

What are our favorites from the last 20 years of Bond? Why, we thought you’d never ask…

7. Die Another Day

Fire and Ice. No, we aren’t talking about Game of Thrones. The most techno derived (and autotuned) of all the songs, this has to rank lowest for sheer annoyance factor. Madonna didn’t bring much to the table with “Die Another Day,” but the visuals do make up for it in some ways. The idea of fire and ice being interplayed throughout the credits is an intriguing way to visualize the two most important forces in the film, diamonds and the Icarus beam (you’ll have to watch to figure that out). It certainly leaves you with an impression of what this film is about, and is sure to stick with you long after the end credits roll.

6. GoldenEye

Guns and women are staples in any Bond opening sequence, but in GoldenEye, they take center stage. The most memorable visuals from this opening include the woman with the gun coming out of her mouth and all the ladies dancing on the ends of gun barrels like pedestals. As GoldenEye may well be remembered most favorably for spawning the best 1st person shooter video game of its time, it seems fitting that the guns take a bow in this solid Bond outing.

5. The World is Not Enough

While the song “The World is Not Enough” may actually be one of the franchise’s better entries, the visuals are incredibly trippy. Between the liquid people morphing in and out and the random floating orbs, the graphics don’t lend themselves to being easily understood. Most of the other openers on this list try and hint more at the content of the film, but following from liquid person to liquid person is definitely distracting enough to hide any true meaning crouching behind the technicolor.

4. Another Way to Die (Quantum of Solace)

One of the most impressive visuals that came out of the movie Quantum of Solace was that of Bond trudging through the sand. Most of his spectacular chases and take downs in other movies happen in modern metropolitan areas, but introducing Bond to the desert was a fresh take. The opening sequence brings the sand, and quite a bit of it. Whether it’s drifting, blowing or hiding a pretty lady, the sand finally gets its due. The song brings a bit of a rock edge to the usually more mellow openers, but it’s a welcome addition to the Bond pantheon.

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