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‘Blood of Olympus’ book review: The end to ‘Heroes of Olympus’

When Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan hit shelves, it marked the end of the Heroes of Olympus series. Read our review of the final installment right here.

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Blood of Olympus found our favorite heroes once again battling for their life, but this time it was against the primordial earth goddess Gaea. Everyone had a role to play, and some roles were more dangerous than others.

Gaea’s giants are all back in force and their strength might be too much for the demigods alone. But with the gods unable to reconcile their Greek and Roman counterparts, the children of these deities can’t count on their parents to lend them a helping hand.

Meanwhile, Octavian has whipped the Roman’s into a fury and is leading the charge against Camp Half-Blood. Reyna, Nico, and Coach Hedge are on their way with the Athena Parthenos, but they don’t even know if the long-lost statue will be enough to keep the two sides from engaging in an all-out war.

But even that isn’t the biggest concern the heroes have. If Gaea gets blood from two demigods, the blood of Olympus, she’ll wake and destroy everyone and everything in her way.

‘Blood of Olympus’ book review

Blood of Olympus does not disappoint as the final chapter in the Heroes of Olympus saga. Whereas House of Hades was an introspective novel, and Percy in particular had to come face to face with the decisions he’d made in the past, Blood of Olympus is an action/adventure that stayed true to form and didn’t relent in the pace from the very beginning.

One of the greatest highlights of Blood of Olympus was finally getting chapters in Nico’s perspective. He’s been an integral character for so long, and yet he’s remained as mysterious as ever. It was exciting to see these events in Nico’s point of view, and experience him struggling with the secret revealed in the last book and coming to terms with what that means for his relationships going forward.

We won’t give anything away about the end of the book, but just know that it was an emotional roller coaster for some of our all-time favorite characters. The most interesting thing about this last book is that while a few demigods seemed to have gotten their stories wrapped up with a nice little bow, a few more of them appear to have only just begun experiencing a new chapter in their lives. Perhaps this means their stories are not over, and we’ll be seeing our friends again. One can always hope.

Blood of Olympus is available now. Author Rick Riordan is planning a new series surrounding Norse mythology called Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard. The first book in the trilogy, The Sword of Summer, will be out in October 2015. See what else Riordan is working on now.

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