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‘Block Shot’ by Kennedy Ryan proves the world needs both warm and cold hearts

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Block Shot by Kennedy Ryan is available now! This book is the epitome of second chance romance.

There are far too few romances set in the basketball world, and I am so glad that a woman as talented as Kennedy Ryan has given us two fantastic new stories to add to the neglected genre. If you haven’t read Long Shot, you are definitely missing out on one of the most moving, profound stories I’ve ever read, and Block Shot is the perfect follow up.

Block Shot is the next story in the Hoops series, and it revolves around two sports agents who have a lot of history, a lot of baggage, and a hell of a lot of unresolved tension.

Jared Foster fell for Banner Morales back in college before she became the legendary sports agent with a talent for helping rookies transition from obsurity to fame. Thanks to a jealous jerkoff, Banner was left with a sour taste in her mouth regarding Jared Foster, and had no interest in hearing his explanations, but Jared has never forgotten how smitten he was with Banner. When his world and hers finally collide again, he can’t help but fight for what they could have had, and try to convince her that their love is one for the ages.

I have to say, Kennedy got me with this one. Banner and Jared’s story is not easy. From the beginning it’s missed glance after missed glance, and when Jared finally decides that it’s time to make his move, the worst possible complications show up at the worst possible time.

It’s hard not to fall for Banner Morales, whether you’re Jared Foster or the person reading this book. She’s a beautiful, headstrong, vivacious person that will have you cheering for her happy ending no matter who or what it may be. I was so moved by her story. I love that she is so relatable, and that despite being an adult who has taken her health and weight loss journey into her own hands, this story isn’t about how much weight she lost or how much prettier she is because of it. Weight loss is just a part of her story, not the heart of her story.

I think the most moving part of this entire book is watching how Banner moves Jared to want to become a better person through their connection.

The world is made of many different kinds of people. Some are bleeding hearts who want the world to be good to everyone and who do everything in their power to hurt as few people as they can. Jared Foster is not one of those people. Banner is. The way they strengthen each other is inimitable. I have never read a story quite as eye-opening as this one in regards to emotional differences. It’s easy to think that everyone should be in touch with their emotions and spread a message of love in everything they do. Some people are not wired like that. Some people hold love close to their hearts and treat the world a little more coldly. As someone who tends to lean toward the bleeding heart end of the spectrum, it wasn’t until I read a beautiful passage in this book that I realized the world really does need both kinds of people.

Warm hearts thaw cold hearts, and cold hearts strengthen warm ones. That balance is part of what keeps this world of ours spinning. We are all different and when we reach out to others to help us through difficult times, we find a way to keep pushing forward.

I LOVED the beginning of Banner and Jared’s story. The disbelief on Banner’s part is relatable and so honest. I trudged through the middle of their story as Jared pushed Banner to do things that weren’t true to her character, and cried with Banner as she tried to accept responsibility for her part. I melted as the true magic of Jared and Banner’s story unfolded in the end of Block Shot.

There’s always a hard part of a Kennedy Ryan book. A part which makes you nervous about how she could possibly fix all that has gone wrong for her characters. But, if you trust in her plan, she always takes you along for the journey, helping you to see the world in ways you didn’t even realize you were missing before. I am a better person after reading Block Shot, and I have Banner, Jared, and Kennedy Ryan to thank for that.

‘Block Shot’ is available now exclusively on Amazon, and is free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers! Make sure to add it on Goodreads, too!

Oh, and if you are excited to see what Kennedy Ryan has in store for us next, add Hook Shot to your Goodreads, too!

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