9:00 am EDT, January 17, 2018

‘Black Lightning’ series premiere: Twitter reacts to The CW’s new hero

If Twitter responses are any indication, The CW has new hit on its hands with Black Lightning.

The first episode of Black Lightning, which introduces audiences to the gang-ridden town of Freeland, a town that once had its own superhero, Black Lightning. Nine years later, Jefferson Pierce is retired from being a vigilante, instead focusing on improving his community as the principal of Garfield High School.

His older daughter, Anissa, is a politically-active medical student who also teaches at his school. His younger daughter, Jennifer, is a scholar student-athlete with a rebellious streak. And he’d very much like to get back together with his ex-wife, Lynn, who left him because the strain of being married to a vigilante became too much.

But when Jennifer and Anissa are kidnapped by gangsters, Jefferson becomes Black Lightning once more to rescue them. But more than that, Jefferson realizes that Freeland needs Black Lightning to fight the crime and gangs that have taken it over in his absence.

Addressing relevant social issues like racial profiling and gun violence, Black Lightning features a mostly-black cast with a mostly-black writers’ room. It’s clear that the show is coming from a genuine place, and Twitter is reacting to The CW’s first black-led superhero series.

A perfect pilot


Calling out double standards

I’m just overwhelmed

Finding inspiration

Get lit

Do the damn thing

So much popcorn

On the aesthetics

Yes he did

And don’t forget words from the writers and cast of the series:

From fans to the creator of the comic, it looks like Black Lightning is a bona fide hit.

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