10:00 am EST, June 26, 2018

‘Black Lightning’ season 2 to add ‘potentially sociopathic’ scientist, others

Though Black Lightning season 2 does not debut until October, we are starting to hear some teases about new characters who will appear.

TVLine recently teased the following about Black Lightning season 2:

A flurry of fresh faces are being cast for Season 2, including a potentially sociopathic scientist named Dr. Jace, a new love interest for Anissa, and… a new principal for Garfield High?!

Let’s break these teases down a bit.

Dr. Jace

This is likely Dr. Helga Jace from the DC Comics. She was the royal scientist of Markovia and also has ties to the Outsiders — the team both Black Lightning and Thunder are part of. She first appeared in 1983’s Batman and the Outsiders #1.

In the comics, Dr. Jace was renowned for her study of meta-biology; considering the introduction of Anissa’s and Jennifer’s powers as well as the pods that contained young people exhibiting meta abilities in Freeland as well as Lynn’s attempts to study Jennifer’s meta gene, it seems like a logical next step to introduce someone with more knowledge on the subject.

In the season 1 finale, once Gambi killed Proctor and the Pierces took possession of the pods, Lynn said that she knew someone who could help the victims. Could this be Dr. Jace?

If so, the Pierces should not trust her implicitly. While Dr. Jace was initially an ally to the Outsiders in the comics, she was revealed to be a sleeper agent of the Manhunters, an alien race who wanted to destroy life on Earth — as well as around the universe. She was killed in a failed attempt to kill the Outsiders with a bomb after her secret came out.

While it seems unlikely Black Lightning, with its more grounded approach to superheroes, will delve into the alien portion of Dr. Jace’s story, her connection to metahumans and the Outsiders makes her a good fit for Black Lightning season 2.

A new love interest for Anissa

This was the most surprising part of the tease, as season 1 introduced Grace Choi as a love interest for Anissa. The two hit it off as Anissa was starting to come into her own with her powers. Anissa’s life became hectic very quickly after she decided to use her powers for good, and we did not see Grace after that, though Anissa did call her once.

Could this be an issue with the actress’ availability? Or, considering Anissa and Grace are a couple in the comics, might their relationship be more of a slow-burn with Anissa seeing someone else for a time first?

In the comics, Grace is half-Amazon and a member of the Outsiders as well, so it remains to be seen whether the show will delve into her abilities as well.

A new principal for Garfield High

Though this initially might seem surprising, considering the importance Jefferson places on his work in the community as principal of Garfield High. After all, he quit being Black Lightning for nearly a decade to focus on his work as an educator.

However, we also saw Jefferson butting heads with the school board. He was arrested under false pretenses in front of his students. And the vice principal, Ms. Fowdy, is an ASA agent. Suddenly, the halls of Garfield High don’t seem quite so safe for a vigilante after all.

With Jefferson committing fully to being Black Lightning and both his daughters exhibiting — and using — their powers, might he step back from teaching to spend more time training his daughters and being a superhero?

Black Lightning season 2 premieres Tuesday, October 9 at 9:00 p.m. ET on The CW.

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