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‘Black Lightning’: 5 teases for 1×08 ‘The Book of Revelations’

Black Lightning 1×08 “The Book of Revelations” airs Tuesday, March 13. We have five spoiler-free teases for the episode.

The synopsis for “The Book of Revelations” reads:

TRAINING DAY – Black Lightning (Cress Williams) works with Anissa (Nafessa Willaims) to help find information to clear Black Lightning’s name. Jennifer (China Anne McClain) begins interning for Lynn (Christine Adams). Meanwhile, Gambi (James Remar) finds himself in a precarious situation. Marvin Jones III and Damon Gupton also star. The episode was written by Jan Nash and directed by Tanya Hamilton (#108).

With that in mind, here are five teases for the episode:

No one suits up this week

With Tobias framing Black Lightning for the deaths of Lady Eve and her men (an act that is turning the community against Black Lightning), a bounty is placed on Black Lightning’s head. As a result, neither Jefferson nor Anissa can afford to go out in their suits.

Thus, though father and daughter do go out to do some detective work in order to clear Black Lightning’s name, they do not suit up to do so. However, that doesn’t mean there is no action in the episode.

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Jefferson and Anissa are adorable vigilante partners

With Lynn giving her blessing for Jefferson to train Anissa, we see the two of them sparring in Gambi’s lab. Anissa holds her own, though her father still has some lessons to teach her. Jefferson also takes Anissa to the morgue to examine the bodies of Lady Eve and her men, and Anissa’s medical training comes in handy; she is able to notice something about the wounds on the bodies that Jefferson did not.

Father and daughter are absolutely delightful as partners in the field; their closeness as family translates to strong chemistry in the field. And though Jefferson is teaching Anissa, he’s pleasantly surprised to realize she has things to teach him as well. In fact, after an outing, he comes home gushing about Anissa to Lynn.

This development represents a wonderful shift in the dynamics of the show that should be fun to further explore in the back half of the season.

Jennifer makes a startling discovery about herself

Lynn forces Jennifer to intern (unpaid!) at her lab until she comes up with another after-school activity. But when she gets the chance to cut out early, Jennifer heads to the school to hang school government election posters with her BFF. When her friend slips on some scaffolding, however, something startling happens that Jennifer doesn’t know what to make of.

Gambi pulls a Dumbledore

“It’s time. Please sit down, Jefferson. I am going to tell you everything.”

Okay, fine; that might not be the exact dialogue, but a guilt-ridden Gambi does realize it’s time to come clean to Jefferson about his past. The ecosystem of Freeland he spoke about with Lady Eve in the previous episode has come undone with her death, and Black Lightning is in the crosshairs. To protect his surrogate son and his family, Gambi makes a confession.

Lala’s resurrection remains mysterious

Don’t expect any clarifying answers about what happened in the final moments of the last episode with Lala’s resurrection. Yes, Lala is alive again. But he’s not sure what to make of it either. One thing is clear, though: his vision of LaWanda was not a one time thing.

Watch a promo for the episode:

Black Lightning 1×08 airs Tuesday, March 13 at 9:00 p.m. ET on The CW.

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