Last night, Saturday Night Live fans said goodbye to one of the show’s beloved actors: Bill Hader. Check out 5 of his characters that we’ll miss and bid farewell.

There’s no denying that Bill Hader was not only a veteran actor on Saturday Night Live, but also brought many memorable and classic characters that many SNL fans will forever remember.

Here are the 5 Bill Hader Saturday Night Live characters that we think make him one of the stand out stars of the show’s last 38 seasons.

Clint Eastwood

There’s no doubt that Bill Hader’s Clint Eastwood impression was not only spot on but pretty much one of the most hilarious impressions that Saturday Night Live has ever seen.

James Carvill

It wouldn’t be a best of Bill Hader article if we didn’t include his hilarious impression of the liberal pundit James Carville. We’ve seen Hader bring Carville to the Weekend Update desk over the years and no matter what the political subject matter, he found a way to make us laugh.

Herb Welch

Bill Hader’s original character Herb Welch, an elderly news reporter who rarely knows what’s going on, might be one of his funniest originals that he’s created at Saturday Night Live.

Game Show Hosts

There’s no denying that Bill Hader was the perfect person to host the faux game shows that have popped up on Saturday Night Live over the years. One of our favorites includes him breaking character as Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig just completely lose control of the sketch with their own laughing!


Hands down, Stefon is Bill Hader’s greatest character from Saturday Night Live. Every time the flamboyant NYC club tour guide came on to Weekend Update, it was destined to be an instant favorite. On Hader’s final appearance as Stefon on Saturday Night Live, he went out with a bang and even got emotional as he signed off as Stefon for the last time.

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