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‘Big Mouth’ season 3 episodes, reviews, cast, and more

Big Mouth season 3 is now streaming on Netflix! We’ve got a review of every Big Mouth season 3 episode and all the major plot developments.

Did you hear!? Netflix renewed Big Mouth up through season 6, plus gave them a spinoff show called Human Resources. This bodes well for everyone who can’t get enough of the adult animated comedy.

Big Mouth season 2 was bigger, better, and bolder than its freshman outing, and despite the fact that the Valentine’s Day episode didn’t land quite as well, there was a lot of anticipation for what would come next.

With hits like “The Planned Parenthood Show” already under their belt, the creative team had a lot to live up to in season 3. Luckily, they had no problem hitting another homerun.

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‘Big Mouth’ season 3 release date

Big Mouth season 3 hit Netflix on October 4, 2019:

If the show sticks to its current schedule of airing sometime in the Fall of each year, we’ll at least be getting some Big Mouth on our screens through Fall 2022, when season 6 finally lands. Learn more about Big Mouth season 4.

‘Big Mouth’ season 3 episodes and reviews

Big Mouth season 3 episode reviews

If you’re looking for a refresher or episodic review of what happened in Big Mouth season 3, you’ve come to the right place. Spoilers ahead.

‘Big Mouth’ 3×01 ‘My Furry Valentine’

I wasn’t exactly quiet about my dislike of this holiday special in my “Furry Valentine” review. In hindsight, I still feel the same way about this super-sized episode, but knowing that season 3 didn’t gloss over many of my concerns makes me feel a lot better about it.

This episode focused on all our main characters and their interpretation of Valentine’s Day, all while Nick was getting used to the fact that Connie was his Hormone Monstress.

The most important plot point was Andrew’s treatment of Missy and Lars, which had a lasting effect on season 3. I still think he acted out of character here (I miss sensitive, apprehensive Andrew), but episode 2 doesn’t shy away from putting a spotlight on his actions. If nothing else, at least he had to suffer through that haircut all summer.

The breakout character in “My Furry Valentine” was Jay, who revealed several more layers in this episode and admitted that his behavior was not healthy for those around him. Even though Jay remains one of the most ridiculous characters in Big Mouth, he has also shown the most complexity and character growth.

‘Big Mouth’ 3×02 ‘Girls Are Angry Too’

Even though “My Furry Valentine” is technically the first episode of season 3, “Girls Are Angry Too” acts as the true premiere. I was happy to see that it took what happened in the Valentine’s Day special and continued it, particularly when it comes to Andrew.

When Andrew returns to school, he’s hoping the whole incident with Lars has blown over. It hasn’t. Missy is still angry with him, and everyone reminds him how shitty he acted. Getting the tip of his finger cut off was maybe going a little far, but hey — he did pull a kid out of a wheelchair, after all.

Andrew also attends a MAGA/incel/Neo Nazi meeting but, thankfully, comes away realizing that while he’s still hurt by Missy’s rejection, he doesn’t hate women. I’m glad e’re in agreement that all Nazis are bad.

The rest of the episode is devoted to the message of the title — that girls are angry, too. Since boys are just animals and can’t control themselves, the school enforces a dress code. The girls rebel, and it ends in a really nice conversation between Nick and Jessi where he admits that he wants to be an ally but isn’t sure where to start.

For a kid’s show, this episode really hits the mark like few others have, making Big Mouth 3×02 one of my favorites to date.

‘Big Mouth’ 3×03 ‘Cellsea’

Matthew must navigate those first awkward conversations with a boy he likes, and we get to see his relationship with Jessi develop even further. I love these two together, and it was nice to see Matthew flustered once in a while, considering he’s usually the calm and collected one.

The major part of the episode is concerned with Nick’s obsession with his new cellphone, Cellsea. Andrew attempts to unplug, in part because he’s still sore about how his outburst with Lars was recorded for the whole world to see, and he quickly becomes jealous of Nick’s newfound addiction.

Episode 3 also continues Jay’s story of coming to terms with his sexuality, where he finds a show on Netflix (shoutout!) that seems to be made just for him. We learn a bit about the sexuality spectrum, and it helps Jay come to terms with who he is, even if none of his friends are around to hear about it.

Even though this episode is great and super relatable (cell phone addiction is real), it acts as a through-line to episode 4.

‘Big Mouth’ 3×04 ‘Obsessed’

Nick’s obsession with his cell phone continues. Cellsea goads him into recording his father naked while singing a song about moisturizing. She wants to go viral, and Nick just wants to make her happy. (It’s no mistake they made this an abusive relationship.) This eventually leads to his mother taking his phone away, and honestly, it’s probably for the best.

Matthew is also still talking to Aiden, aka “Pharmacy Boy,” and he works through his nerves enough to make the first move. Again, it’s pretty cute to see Matthew freaking out, and it also goes to show just how close he and Jessi have become.

The best part of the episode, however, includes all the scenes between Jay and Missy. You expect Jay to make fun of Missy for her fanfiction, but instead, he tells her that he loves it! Better yet, he has some suggestions, and together, they finish writing the story. Dare we say that they might now be…friends?

‘Big Mouth’ 3×05 ‘Florida’

Don’t skip the intro for this one! It’s well worth your time. If you thought an episode entitled “Florida” was bound to be batshit crazy, you’d be absolutely right.

Nick joins Andrew on a family vacation to Florida. Roadtripping with Mr. Glouberman has to be tantamount to torture, but somehow everyone survives the drive. When they get there, the two boys meet Andrew’s cousin who has changed her name to Cherry Maraschino.

On top of experiencing Florida and many of its horrors, Andrew also starts to fall for his cousin, who simultaneously teases and rejects him. Honestly, I could’ve done without this particular plot point, but here we are. It would’ve been fine if it was just a joke about Florida (sorry, Florida), but it continues on throughout the season quite unnecessarily.

We also meet a new monster here, the Menopause Banshee, who was interesting, albeit maybe not as much as the Shame Wizard. Her presence was only felt in this episode, but I’d be interested in seeing her (and other monsters!) again in the future. Give us more of the Department of Puberty, dammit!

The last bit of the episode focuses on Jay, who was left behind while his family went on vacation so they could fumigate the house. Luckily, Nick’s parents temporarily adopt him, and Jay gets to see what living with actual human beings feels like. It does him some good.

‘Big Mouth’ 3×06 ‘How to Have an Orgasm’

A few of the plot points from episode 5 carry over into episode 6. When Nick returns home, he finds that Jay is still living there and grows jealous. The two fight, and even though I don’t blame Nick for his reactions, I do think he’s being mean here. Jay is so used to being at the bottom of the barrel pretty much everywhere in his life that it’s nice to see someone actually take care of him for once.

Unfortunately, we also get a continuation of Andrew’s story with his cousin, where he sends her a dick pic. It’s a good commentary on how ridiculous dick pics are in general (though Euphoria did this topic better), but I wish we could just quit this whole plotline.

Thankfully, this is offset by Jessi having her first orgasm. It speaks to how weird and awkward it can be when you’re first starting to learn how to masturbate, but Connie and Jessi’s vagina are excellent teachers. We also learn that Jessi’s mom and her girlfriend broke up, which will have lasting consequences right up through the finale.

‘Big Mouth’ 3×07 ‘Duke’

We sort of pause our regularly-scheduled program to delve into Duke’s history in Big Mouth season 3, episode 7. This is another episode where you shouldn’t skip the intro!

Duke takes us on a little road trip through time where he shows us how he grew up and how he eventually lost his virginity. The year 1913 was a pretty different place, though the show chooses to focus more on his difference in musical tastes than anything else.

Still, it’s a cohesive story, and Duke is one of the most interesting minor characters on the show. I love that we got to see more of his history, and I liked how Big Mouth isn’t afraid to switch things up every once in a while. They do this again in the finale, and both episodes are extremely effective.

‘Big Mouth’ 3×08 ‘Rankings’

If you thought Big Mouth forgot about the fact that Devin and DeVon were supposed to get married, then you must’ve been quite surprised when all the boys join DeVon for his bachelor’s party. Here, they all start ranking the girls according to who’s the hottest, even going so far as to make an app for it.

It’s pretty shitty, to say the least, and the girls aren’t too happy about the fact that these lists exist — or where, exactly, they rank on them. Once again Big Mouth doesn’t forget to write about women’s issues, and I continue to appreciate the fact that they aren’t afraid to let their feminist flag fly.

The introduction of Ali Wong’s character brings with it the definition of pansexuality, which is handled brilliantly by the writers. I like that they addressed the difference between bisexuals and pansexuals, as well as pointed out that just because Ali is open to being with all kinds of people, it doesn’t mean she’s interested in every person she meets.

Jay chooses to come out to the entire school in this episode, but it’s somewhat anticlimactic for two reasons: 1. Many of his friends don’t believe him and think he’s just looking for attention; 2. A lot of the students dismiss his bisexuality, even though they had no problem accepting Ali’s orientation.

‘Big Mouth’ 3×09 ‘The ASSes’

Anyone who’s ever taken a standardized test knows how awful they can be. Episode 9 should, therefore, be pretty relatable. The Academic Skills Survey (or ASS because this is Big Mouth after all) has most of the kids in a tizzy, including Jessi and Andrew.

Nick’s mom notices something’s wrong with Jay, so she takes him to the doctor and he’s prescribed Adderall for ADD. After he takes his meds, it’s like Jay is a brand new person. Suddenly, he’s able to concentrate and knocks the ball out of the park when it comes to his testing.

But, of course, something else has to go wrong. The other kids want some Adderall, and soon Jay is running a drug ring and making himself enough money to buy an Xbox. Jessi reminded me a little of another Jessie we know and love, as it was clear this medication wasn’t meant for anyone but Jay.

Shoutout to Depression Kitty’s momentary return!

‘Big Mouth’ 3×10 ‘Disclosure the Movie: The Musical!’

The penultimate episode of the season is definitely one of the weirdest but also one of the best. The school is putting on a musical version of the film Disclosure. Don’t question it. This is Big Mouth. As a result, we get some incredible cameos and some major new developments.

First off, Missy finally meets her Hormone Monstress, voiced by Thandie Newton. I love seeing Missy break out of her shell here and accept her sexuality while still staying true to herself. She gains a lot of power from this acceptance, and I’m happy to see her growing and developing as much of the other characters.

She and Nick share a kiss, which ultimately leads to some tension with Andrew. It’s difficult to really point a finger at anyone here, as Missy did nothing wrong and doesn’t belong to any of the boys in her life. Nick definitely betrayed Andrew’s trust, but Andrew also can’t “claim” Missy as his girlfriend — or anything else, for that matter.

The play also brings about the unfortunate plot line of Mr. Lizer and Lola’s problematic relationship. I’m always impressed by how much Big Mouth can squeeze into each episode, not to mention just how much they can say in a few short scenes.

Somehow, the show manages to speak to manipulative relationships between men and woman, power figures and their subordinates, and teachers and students. You see how easily Lola is sucked into an abusive relationship with Lizer and how he only needs to say and do a few things to keep her quiet. Thank goodness her friends noticed what was happening, and thank goodness Mr. Lizer was fired. I hope he doesn’t come back.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Queer Eye cameo in which the Fab Five show up to give Coach Steve a makeover. This was one of the most brilliant moments of the entire season, and I love how they managed to put a Big Mouth spin of these five lovely fellas. All of them were incredibly good sports.

‘Big Mouth’ 3×11 ‘Super Mouth’

The Big Mouth season 3 finale is a slight change of pace, as a freak storm gives all the kids superpowers. We later learn that this was Caleb’s interpretation of current events at the school. I love how we saw each of our favorite characters in a different light, either as heroes or villains, all with a realistic explanation as to why.

For the most part, this is about Nick, Andrew, and Missy’s love triangle. Nick and Andrew are fighting amongst themselves while Missy is processing a lot of new information. It ends with Andrew telling Nick he’s not a nice person and doesn’t want to be friends anymore, while Missy decides she doesn’t want to be with any of the three boys who are interested in her.

Jessi also finds out her mom put the house up for sale and is planning on moving. Thus, all of our favorites are headed in different directions, and even though Big Mouth season 4 is a guarantee, it seems that nothing else is.

‘Big Mouth’ season 3 trailer

The Big Mouth season 3 trailer was nothing less than what you would’ve anticipated from this series. Check it out here:

The trailer highlighted our favorite characters and gave us a sneak peek at some new additions as well!

And in typical Big Mouth fashion, they took an iconic piece of art and put a dirty spin on it. Perfection.

‘Big Mouth’ season 3 cast

The Big Mouth season 3 cast includes:

  • Nick Kroll as Nick Birch, Maurice the Hormone Monster, Coach Steve, Rick the Hormone Monster, Lola, and the Jansen Twins, among others
  • John Mulaney as Andrew Glouberman, among others
  • Jessi Klein as Jessi Glaser
  • Jason Mantzoukas as Jay Bilzerian, among others
  • Jenny Slate as Missy Foreman-Greenwald, among others
  • Fred Armisen as Elliot Birch, among others
  • Maya Rudolph as Connie the Hormone Monstress, Diane Birch, and others
  • Jordan Peele as the Ghost of Duke Ellington, Featuring Ludacris, and others

Some other recurring voices have included Gina Rodriguez as Gina Alvarez, David Thewlis as the Shame Wizard, Kat Dennings as Leah Birch, Kristen Bell as Pam, Chelsea Peretti as Monica Foreman-Greenwald, and Nathan Fillion as himself, just to name a few.

New cast members include Thandie Newton, Ali Wong, and the cast of Queer Eye! See their announcements below:

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