If you haven’t already heard, global sensations BTS will be getting little brothers when Big Hit’s new group debuts in 2019!

Update (December 4): Take this new information with a grain of salt as it is totally speculation! Big Hit has filed a whopping 38 trademarks for “+OMORROW X +OGETHER” which has many wondering if this could possibly be the name of Big Hit’s new group. Not everyone is convinced though, since it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

While others are suggesting that it could be shorted to TxT or something of the like. Or it could have nothing to do with the new group all together! There’s really no way to be sure what the trademark is for now so this is all just a theory until more confirmations come.

Original Story:

BTS’ agency Big Hit Entertainment has been preparing new trainees for some time, and it looks like they’re almost ready to debut! Ever since the news broke that a new group would be debuting, the internet has gone crazy trying to get as much information about them as possible.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much official news about Big Hit’s new group out there just yet and rumors are already started to get mixed in with facts.

The original report about Big Hit’s new group teased that the all male idol group would consist of just five members. However, the concept and name of the group were not revealed.

The article also stated that the group would be debuting in early 2019, and is expected to have a promising debut thanks to all of Big Hit’s knowledge from forming the powerhouse group that BTS has become.

Another report has stated that the group has an average age of 17, and also seems to confirm that the new group is slated to have five members.

There was a rumor that the group was being picked from a survival/audition type show, but that seems to be a mix-up that was corrected in the original article. Logistically, the timeline wouldn’t make sense for this if Big Hit’s new group will indeed be debuting in a few months time.

Images of Big Hit trainees have also begun to circulate online, but they’re in no way official images, which is why they’re not being shared here! But they can easily be found with a quick search, and they are just so small and precious.

As far as the fandom is concerned, most ARMYs have been overjoyed to learn that BTS will be getting a little brother group.

I mean, just imagine them doing events together and collaborating on different projects? Adorable! Twitter even celebrated the news with #BigHitBabyShower, which resulted in some hilarious reactions.

Does that mean ARMY is expected to immediately become fans of Big Hit’s new group? Definitely not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Big Hit successfully puts together an extended family for BTS fans to fall in love with as well. This is going to be the first group to debut since BTS did back in 2013, so they’re in no way rushing things.

No doubt this group will be facing a lot of pressure from the outside world as well. They already have wildly popular big brothers in BTS to look up to, and probably have big hopes for becoming just as successful. They’ll also undoubtedly inherit all of the anti-fans that BTS has. So it’s been nice to see how open other ARMYs have been to a new group coming from Big Hit.

For now, that’s all the news that’s been revealed. Hopefully fans won’t be kept waiting long before more is revealed though, because the waiting is just torture.

Are you excited to learn more about Big Hit’s new group?

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