9:45 pm EDT, August 16, 2015

‘Big Brother’ season 17, week 8 highlights: Time for nominations

Liz nabbed HOH this week and names her nominees. Check out the highlights from Big Brother season 17, week 8 nominations.

1. Steve melts down… sort of

Steve did not want to get the first HOH in the double eviction episode, but he did, and in doing so he chose sides. He was definitely not happy about it, wandering around talking to the feeders in the comic book room, but when Julia and Liz come in to check on him, he starts sobbing in their arms. As soon as they leave, he tells the feeders that it was at least 50% acting. Give that boy an Oscar.

2. Head of Household competition

Mixed Emojis is the name of the game. Each head to head matchup must search a graphic full of emojis and choose which given answer of three options is the answer to the question. The first round sees James, Austin, Vanessa, and Becky eliminated from the competition. The second round narrows our contestants down to Johnny Mac and Liz. Liz gets the question right and becomes this week’s Head of Household.

3. Austin’s Angels

Vanessa is quick to get to Julia and Liz to convince them that Becky needs to be this week’s target. Johnny Mac interrupts their discussion, so it resumes later in the hammock room. They rename their alliance Austin’s Angels after they decided that with the Sixth Sense being down two members, it was time for a change.

Later that day, Becky finds a moment to talk to Liz, Austin, and Julia upstairs in the HOH room without Vanessa. Austin has one question for Becky, and it is all about what was supposed to happen the week Vanessa was HOH. Becky is more than happy to tell them that someone was supposed to throw that POV, and Austin was the intended target the whole time. He is not happy to hear that.

4. Nominations

At the nomination ceremony, Liz puts Becky and Johnny Mac on the block.

What are your favorite moments from the ‘Big Brother’ season 17, week 8 nominations episode?

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