The week 3 Power of Veto ceremony is over! Here are the highlights from Big Brother season 17, episode 10!

1. Vanessa plots

Now that Vanessa is the sole Head of Household, she needs to decide who her main target is. Vanessa thinks James is the bigger target while Austin thinks Jeff is. They also make it clear to Audrey that she is not the target.

2. Power of Veto Competition

Vanessa, James, John, Shelli, Austin (houseguest choice by John), and Audrey are picked to play in the competition. In Gronk and Roll, the players have to get inside giant dice and try to match a number. They’ll go head to head until the last player is left standing. John wins the Power of Veto (again).

BB 17x10 John

3. Vanessa and Austin argue

After the Power of Veto competition, Vanessa gets upset at Austin. She wanted him to win the Power of Veto against John so she wouldn’t have to renominate someone. But now that John has won, he’ll take himself off. It’s clear that Vanessa isn’t buying Austin’s story about not throwing it and now their alliance is in jeopardy.

4. Jeff causes trouble

Jeff figures out that James is the target for the week, so he starts saying that Austin needs to be the target next week. That gives Vanessa the ammunition to put him up for nomination. Austin calls him out for what he’s been saying.

5. Veto Ceremony

John uses the Power of Veto to save himself from eviction. Vanessa names Jeff as the renomination in his place. Now James and Jeff are up for eviction next to each other.

What were your favorite moments form ‘Big Brother’ season 17, episode 10?

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