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‘Big Brother’ season 16, episode 18 recap: Adam and Eve

Big Brother season 16, episode 18 just finished airing and the week 6 nominations has taken place! Read our recap to find out what happened.

At the Head of Household competition Zach, Hayden, Nicole, and Donny had a tie breaker question. They had to answer the length of the Giddy Up veto competition. Nicole and Donny were the closest guesses and become HoH’s for the week. Zach pretends to be upset but says he purposely lost.

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Jocasta is upset that she didn’t win because she really wants to see pictures of her family. Derrick tries to comfort her and tells her she’ll have a chance next week. It seems to make her feel better.

Nicole and Donny decide they want Hayden’s advice on what to do for nominations. They think it’s time to shake things up and discuss that there are three people that have never been nominated: Derrick, Cody, and Frankie.

Zach pulls Nicole aside to congratulate her and gives her permission to put him up on the block. He tells her that he deserves it, but really he’s trying to mess with her head. He wants to know who she’s thinking of putting up, but she knows better.

Derrick and Frankie discuss the nominations; they think they’re safe with Donny. Since they didn’t do the last Team America mission because of him, they think he owes it to them. Afterwards, Derrick goes to talk to Nicole and she admits that she’s annoyed by Frankie. When she talks about back-dooring Frankie, he agrees with her, but really he want to keep Frankie safe.

The house guests head up to the HoH rooms to see what Nicole and Donny got. Nicole reads a letter from her best friend and cries. Donny reads a letter from his girlfriend and also cries.

Caleb pulls Donny aside and tries to talk him out of nominating him. But Donny points out that Caleb was the first person to nominate him. He promises not to nominate Donny and try to save him if he is nominated by someone else. Caleb also says that if he’s nominated he doesn’t want to be put up with Victoria. Donny tucks away that nifty bit of information.

Donny talks with Derrick and Frankie to tell them he’s not going to nominate them. Derrick tells Donny he should try to remain HoH. He also asks who they should target. Derrick suggests Victoria and Jocasta, but Frankie decides to keep his mouth shut.

Donny tells Nicole and Hayden he wants to nominate Caleb and Victoria. Nicole reveals she’s thinking Zach and Jocasta. She also says that if she had to re-nom someone it would be Frankie. Donny is on board with the plan to backdoor Frankie because he doesn’t fully trust him.

Later, Christine, Caleb, and Zach hang out with Nicole in the HoH room. Zach says that he wants to create some drama. Then he asks to talk to Nicole alone. He tells her she needs to put up Victoria and Jocasta. That way she can back door anyone she wants, he says.

At nominations Nicole goes first and nominates Zach and Jocasta. Donny goes second and nominates Caleb and Victoria. Everyone congratulates Nicole on her speech. She still feels bad about nominating Jocasta, though.

Zach tells Frankie he’s not worried about being nominated. He thinks it should be easy to beat Caleb and Victoria in the Battle of the Block. He also plans a celebratory date with Frankie for his victory. Later, Zach tells Jocasta he’s glad he got paired up with her.

Victoria pulls Caleb aside and says she was expecting to be nominated. She tells him to give her directions during Battle of the Block so they can win. Caleb agrees that they have to work together to win.

At the Battle of the Block competition the nominees must create a path of dominoes to the bulls eye button. They must also knock over three punishment dominoes, which they have to fulfill if they win.

Everyone is impressed that Victoria is hustling on her own without Caleb having to help her. Caleb is careful to make sure that the curves of the path will work properly. Zach and Jocasta manage to finish theirs first, but it stops at the end because of a bad curve. Caleb and Victoria’s sets off, but stops early. They fix what’s wrong and start again – this time it goes all the way through.

Victoria and Caleb win and dethrone Donny as HoH. They also have three punishments – shaved head, Adam and Eve, and slop.

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