10:00 pm EDT, August 27, 2015

‘Big Brother’ season 17, week 9 review: Where Austin went wrong

Big Brother season 17, week 9 saw Austin in power as Head of Household, and his reign was pretty disappointing.

Despite saying he wants someone who can get rid of Vanessa to win Head of Household, Austin ended up winning it. He told Liz that he just couldn’t trust James with the big moves he’s made in the past, but being in power could be even riskier, especially since he’s been playing all sides of the house.

Austin felt that the safest plan would be targeting John, but in doing so he will alienate most of the house. Everyone thought the plan would be to get rid of Vanessa this week, but Austin was on the fence, worried about his own game. Austin even caught Vanessa in a lie right to his face, but decided to put up John and Steve as his nominations.

Steve was not happy that Austin went back on his word and put him up. Even more suspicious was that he knows Austin and Vanessa talked right before the nominations. When Vanessa won the Power of Veto, Austin couldn’t even use Vanessa as a backdoor option and was basically at her mercy.

John decided to tell Vanessa about the five person alliance set to target her. She was not happy to hear that her supposedly closes allies in the house were in it. Despite gaining Vanessa’s trust, it wasn’t enough to save John, and he was evicted from the house.

This allowed Austin to keep his alliance in tact with Meg and James, as well as his alliance with the twins and Vanessa. However, Meg and James might be upset with him for changing his plan. And does Vanessa still fully trust him after everything that came out? Instead of making a game-changing move, he made a safe move. Austin also loses points with the fans for voting out one of the favorites.

Austin probably should have thrown the Head of Household competition this week, but winning Head of Household right after Liz, he made his alliance with the twins look even more powerful. So far they’ve been able to slide by without anyone targeting them, but the numbers in the house are quickly dwindling. And so far, they’ve gone against what the house wanted.

What did you think of Austin’s reign as Head of Household on ‘Big Brother’ season 17, week 9?

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